Amazon Gives Veeqo Shipping Software Free to Sellers

amazon sellers now get veeqo for free

Amazon has announced that it is offering Veeqo, a multi-channel shipping software built to simplify, expedite fulfillment, and lower delivery costs for free to sellers. Earlier in May Amazon had acquired Veeqo, a software that helps sellers cut shipping costs while increasing the speed of fulfilling customer orders.

Amazon Sellers Now Get Veeqo for Free

Amazon sellers using Veeqo can now connect their sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, and access discounted rates on UPS, U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx. Veeqo’s rate-shopping feature imports sellers’ orders and automatically find the lowest shipping rate available based on size and weight.

With the announcement, Amazon is discontinuing the monthly fees of Veeqo. This will allow sellers in the U.S. and U.K. to no longer pay the $450 delivery fee for Veeqo. Sellers who ship via Veeqo pay only for their chosen carrier labels, with no monthly fees.

“The available shipping management software was complicated, lacked the right features, or was designed for an enterprise-sized retailer. I created a system built with the needs of all multi-channel sellers in mind. Sellers should be able to track, price, sell, and ship orders across multiple channels in just a few clicks, and with Veeqo they can”, said Matt Warren, Veeqo CEO.

Through Veeqo Amazon sellers now get free tools to help them cut the cost of shipping, including:

  • Amazon-Certified Integration: the ability to log in with Amazon, import orders and immediately access the lowest available shipping rates through Veeqo. Thanks to an integration with Amazon’s Buy Shipping service. Avoid late deliveries and negative customer feedback.
  • Shipping Automation: ship bulk batches of up to 100 orders with the lowest rates automatically selected and automatically sending tracking emails to customers as orders are fulfilled, saving sellers time and money.
  • Option to brand shipping: provide a consistent brand experience with branded packing slips and invoices.

In addition, Amazon plans to also introduce new business features for free in the future through Veeqo. These include automatically syncing inventory across Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify; tracking and purchasing inventory; reporting and forecasting capabilities, and more all for free.

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  1. This is a great tool to be offering for free. Love it! Reminds me of when Google purchased Urchin many years ago and gave it away as Google Analytics.

  2. I have just finished reading the article you wrote on customer feedback. I really appreciated your clarity in article and the way you explore the things. The topic is very interesting. Keep up the good work.

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