Improve Passwords and More During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

cybersecurity awareness month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. So it’s a perfect reminder for businesses to improve their internal security practices to protect proprietary information and customer data.

Passwords are a hugely important component of cybersecurity. Both you and your employees need to set strong passwords and change them regularly to prevent security breaches. But managing all those unique codes can seem daunting. Instead, consider the password managers listed in this post.

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17 Password Manager Apps

Of course, remembering your passwords isn’t enough to keep your company data secure. It’s time to ditch Password123 and find stronger options that are difficult for hackers to guess. If you’re not sure where to start when creating passwords, there are some best practices that can strengthen your security. Learn the top tips in this post.

Password Security Doesn’t Have to be Hard, See These 15 Best Practices

Passwords aren’t just for email and social media accounts. You can also password protect specific files. This may be especially beneficial for those sending PDFs to clients or coworkers. This post outlines exactly how to protect a PDF file with a unique password.

How to Password Protect a PDF File

Once you set a strong password for your accounts and files, you should still reset them periodically to increase security. However, many people find this process to be stressful — sometimes even as stressful as planning for retirement. This post details why resetting passwords can seem so daunting and offers tips for overcoming this obstacle.

30% Find Resetting Passwords as Stressful as Retiring

Passwords are always an important feature of cybersecurity. But the technology surrounding this concept is constantly evolving. So there are some exciting changes on the horizon that may improve security for small businesses around the world. Learn about some new and upcoming options in this post.

What is the Future of Passwords? (INFOGRAPHIC)

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  1. Currently, I’m studying Cybersecurity, and recently, a topic popped up about improving Passwords and showing different types of passwords. The important point was that we use common passwords which are easy to guess, and it increases the risk of breaching our accounts; and told why we should use Upper Case, Lower, Numeric, and Sign words, and most of the websites are already applying this method since they recommend a strong password when we start writing passwords.

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