12 Places to Get Blacksmith Supplies for Your Business

blacksmith supplies

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Blacksmith tools can help professionals create and repair a variety of iron or steel-based products, from gates to cooking supplies. If you’re interested in starting a blacksmith business or just want new places to find supplies, here’s a guide.

The Blacksmithing Industry in 2022

Blacksmithing may sound like an outdated practice. But there’s still some demand for custom metal items like fencing, light fixtures, and home decor. Since automation has made it easier for businesses to produce these items at scale, blacksmiths generally deal with customers who are willing to pay a higher price for handcrafted products. Another change in the industry is the decrease in people entering the field. Since it is seen as a dying industry, those who remain are able to charge high prices for their services.


What Supplies Do You Need for Your Blacksmith Business?

There are various supplies that can help blacksmiths create the products that are most in-demand with their customers. The exact list can vary, but here’s a general consensus to help you get started.

  • Forge
  • Anvil
  • Hammers
  • Vice
  • Tongues
  • Chisel
  • Metals
  • Propane
  • Coal
  • Charcoal

Top Places to Find Blacksmithing Supplies for Your Business

There are tons of easy places to find items for blacksmith businesses both online and in stores. Check out the sources below for quality options.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the default source for a huge variety of products. They have a large stock of items ready to ship within two days for Prime members. Popular blacksmith tools on Amazon include tongues, hammers, vices, and accessories.

2. Etsy

Etsy is known for handmade products, but sellers also offer supplies for a variety of craft-related products, including metalwork. The details of each order vary based on the seller since each person sets their own policies and ships their own products. But options include hammers, stamps, blocks, and guillotine tools.

3. Blacksmiths Depot

Blacksmiths Depot is a small business that specializes in blacksmith tools like hammers, anvils, sanders, bolts, and fasteners. Their site also offers various educational resources. And their stock is only blacksmith-related items, so it’s easy to search and browse for relevant options.

4. Blacksmith Supply

Blacksmith Supply bills itself as “Modern Tools for the Modern Blacksmith.” They provide a full catalog of products from forge supplies to hand brushes. They also offer a 5 percent discount to ABANA members.

5. Centaur Forge

Centaur Forge sells blacksmith and farrier supplies online. Based in Wisconsin, the company ships products throughout the U.S. and Canada. Options include shelves, forges, knifemaking tools, and coal and coke. They also provide an ABANA discount.

6. Pieh Tool Company

Pieh Tool Company is an Arizona-based company that ships products around the world. They offer a variety of blacksmith and farrier tools, like anvils, abrasives, forges, and cleaners, along with an ABANA discount.


PERUN offers blacksmith, foundry, and farrier tools. They make all tools, so you can count on quality. The shop is based in Poland, but ships to other countries as well.

8. Blacksmith Tools Supply

Blacksmith Tools Supply is a full-service provider of blacksmith and farrier tools. The company has storefronts in Daska Sialkot, but ships products around the world.

9. Walmart

Walmart carries a huge variety of products, including those that can be useful for blacksmiths. Their stock contains options like hammers, anvils, forges, and educational resources. The company also ships products quickly and offers free shipping on select orders.

10. eBay

eBay also has a variety of items from people around the world. Options range from collectibles and antiques to new tongues and hammers. Each order ships from the seller, so policies and prices vary widely.

11. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace lets people buy and sell items to others in their area. Most items will be secondhand, and there’s no guarantee of a large inventory. However, you may be able to find good deals on select items.

12. Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Co. offers a wide array of tools for everything from agricultural work to blacksmithing. You can find select hammers and striking tools in stores, where you may also find knowledgeable staff to guide you. But the company also ships directly to customers.

What Steel Do Blacksmiths Use?

There are various types of steel that can be used for blacksmithing, but the most popular option is carbon steel. Specifically, low and medium-carbon steel tends to be fairly pliable. So they’re easy to bend by hand or with simple tools.


Blacksmith Tools for Small Business

If you’re looking to start a blacksmith business, here are some specific tools that may be relevant to your journey.

Single Horn Anvil

This simple anvil is a perfect base for various metal working projects. There are different sizes available, but this one is 66 lbs and made of cast steel.

Tinsmith Guillotine Tool

A guillotine tool like this one holds small pieces of metal into place so you can easily bend and shape them with precise tools. This one can be used by both right and left-handed blacksmiths.

Blacksmith Hammer Three Piece Set

Blacksmiths can use hammers of various sizes to complete different projects or work with specific materials. This set includes three different options to suit all your needs, so it may be the perfect set to kick off your blacksmithing journey.

Blacksmith Turning Hardy

This blacksmith turning hardy is an intricate tool that has small pegs you can use to wrap pieces of hot metal around to form curves. This seller offers four different sizes, so you can select the options that best suit the needs of your projects.

Beginner Blacksmith Tongues

Tongues are essential for allowing blacksmiths to pick up and handle hot metals. This set includes several tongues of various shapes and sizes to provide safety and control while working with these materials.

Portable Double Burner Propane Forge

There are several types of forges available to provide the fuel and heat needed to bend and shape various metals. This double burner forge offers a portable option powered by propane. So it’s easy to work on projects outside or to provide mobile repair services for metal objects like fences.

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