TikTok Adds New Feature to Popular #BookTok Trend

tiktok adds new feature to #booktok trend

TikTok recently announced a new #BookTok feature which will allow users to link their favorite Penguin Random House books.

TikTok Adds New Feature to Popular #BookTok Trend

The new feature was developed in collaboration with TikTok’s launch partner Penguin Random House, and is aimed at enhancing the popular #BookTok trend. The links in videos will direct users to a dedicated page with details about the book and a brief summary, as well as a collection of other videos that linked the same book.

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Popular TikTok Hashtag

The #BookTok hashtag currently has over 77 billion views globally as of writing, and is one of the most popular hashtags in TikTok history. The new feature follows the #BookTokChallenge that was launched earlier this summer, which aimed to encourage people to discover and read new books and authors.

Such popular trends on social media can always offer potential opportunities for small businesses to get involved, even if it is only on a personal level. Independent bookshop owners should absolutely be involved, especially if they have popular titles available for sale.

‘Word of Mouth’ Still Most Powerful Force

The Head of Social at Penguin Random House U.S., Alyssa Castaneda, spoke effusively about the BookTok trend, saying: “Nothing else engages readers like #BookTok – it brings books to life in a whole new way. At the same time, #BookTok validates that word of mouth is still the most powerful force for our industry. People want to know how a book will make them feel, and TikTok values authenticity more than any other platform.

“We are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with TikTok to make the best parts of the platform – discovery and community – even stronger.”

How to Use New #BookTok Feature

TikTok users in the United States and United Kingdom can access the BookTok feature by clicking the ‘Add Link’ button and searching for ‘Book’ before posting their video. They can then tag any Penguin Random House title available in their respective country before posting their video. A link to the selected title will then appear above the captions in the video.

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