20 Craft Room Ideas

craft room ideas

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Creative entrepreneurs starting their own handmade businesses need a dedicated space to construct their products and store craft supplies. Whether you use a spare room, or you must settle for equipping a smaller space in your house, a craft room is necessary for those who want to productively design their own crafts to sell, whether those creations involve woodworking, painting, sewing, jewelry making, or another artistic task.

Craft room organization, however, can be tricky… especially in a small space.


How Do You Set Up a Craft Room?

Once you’ve designated your new craft room’s dedicated space, it’s time to set up your creativity area. In addition to a sturdy desk or craft table and some storage boxes for supplies, you’ll want to take the following steps:

  • Organize the area – Before you start purchasing furniture, equipment and supplies, take a look at your craft room layout and mentally divide the space into areas where different activities will occur or different items will be stored.
  • Install shelves – To ensure ample storage for supplies and crafts, install plenty of shelves in your craft room. Choose from shelves that hang on the wall and those that stand on the floor.
  • Hang decor – Even if you choose minimalist decor for your new craft room, you’ll want to adorn available walls. You might choose a productive display such as a pegboard for storage or a chalkboard for ideas.
  • Provide surfaces – Whether your craft room is large or small, you’ll need surfaces. A desk or table makes an adequate surface, but consider additional options like countertops if you have the space.
  • Include bright light – You’ll want plenty of visibility in your craft room, so you can focus on all the fine details. If you don’t have windows, invest in bright lamps.
  • Sort supplies – Finally, to properly organize your craft room, take some time to thoroughly sort all of your crafting supplies. When you start placing the lot into storage, you’ll be glad you did.

Clever Ideas for Your Craft Space

Are you looking for creative ideas for your craft room? From versatile decor to creative storage solutions, these clever ideas for your craft space are sure to inspire any craftsperson.

1. Vertical Shelving

Vertical storage solutions can be the key to organizing a small space. Multiply storage space for your craft supplies by stacking vertical shelves from floor to ceiling while saving plenty of room for projects.

2. Personalized Peg Boards

Every craft room needs a peg board for hanging supplies, materials or projects, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang some bland or cluttered monstrosity on your wall. Customize your peg board by painting it to match your craft room color scheme, or decorate it with other touches of personal style.

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3. Natural Light

Ample, preferably natural lighting is a necessary feature in a craft room. If you have windows, be sure and place your desk or craft table in as much direct sunlight as possible. Otherwise, you can also purchase sunlight-equivalent lightbulbs to illuminate your crafting space.

4. Storage Jars

You don’t have to invest in expensive storage solutions for your craft supplies. Ordinary glass jars offer a perfect method for storing everything from pens and paintbrushes to tiny sequins and beads. Line them up on a shelf for ultimate organization.

5. Cubes and Crates

Stackable cubes and crates are inexpensive options for craft room storage. Instead of spending tons of money on pricy shelves, create your own custom storage solutions. Not only are cubes and crates useful, but they can add more shelves to match the size of any space.

6. Crafting Corner

Don’t have a spare room to dedicate to crafting? Any small space will do. You even can transform the edge of any room into a crafting corner. Just clear the area, add a corner desk to use as a crafting table and hang a couple of small shelves as a final touch.

7. Decorative Supplies

You don’t have to add both craft room decor and supplies storage to your creative space. Your craft room supplies can double as decoration when you design your craft room organization in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Consider organizing your craft supplies by color, or hanging supplies in a pattern on your peg board, for example.

8. Minimalist Decor

You might not want to dedicate too much time and money to decorate your craft room in the way you would design a bedroom, but a few personal touches will help fill empty walls. Consider a minimalist decorative scheme and save the rest of your workspace for crafting.

9. Inspiration Boards

You’ll want plenty of inspiration while creating your handmade crafts to sell. Creating an inspiration board for your craft room by hanging a bulletin board, peg board or magnetic board and pinning ideas to it, whether they be hand-drawn sketches, magazine pages, photos or any other media that catches your eye.

10. Customized Closets

Is there a closet in your craft room, or do you have access to a closet for craft supply storage? You can make the most of this space with creative closet organization. With the right closet storage solution, you can add plenty of shelves and cubbies to keep all of your materials.

More Creative Craft Room Ideas to Try

Do you need creative craft room ideas for your workspace? You might not be able to control the amount of space at your disposal, but you can definitely make the most of your crafting area with any of these functional options.

11. Vertical Bins

We’ve already discussed the benefits of vertical shelves, but you also can maximize your craft room storage capacity by stacking vertical bins for small materials. Combine this storage solution with shelves to keep everything organized.

12. Accent Furniture

Don’t forget that you need somewhere to sit while creating crafts to sell. You could opt for comfortable office chairs, or you could boost your craft room decor by sitting on stylish accent chairs that match your paint and pictures.

13. Chalkboard Wall

By adding a chalkboard to the wall of your craft room, you create a space to brainstorm and write down ideas, notes, and to-do lists. You can hang a vintage chalkboard, or you can create a chalkboard wall with a self-adhesive decal.

14. Door Organizer

Add additional storage space to your craft room by hanging a door organizer, complete with your choice of bins, shelves or even drawers. You can store important craft supplies and materials like paints, pencils and glue sticks for easy access without taking up floor space.

15. Island Table

Sometimes a desk will supply sufficient surface area for creating handmade items to sell, but often additional space is needed. An island table usually added to a kitchen, can help keep everything you need within easy reach without reconstructing your craft room.

16. Hanging Rod

Hanging rods aren’t only for curtains and closets. Try hanging a rod on your craft room wall for a creative storage solution. You can hang supplies directly on the rod, or you can add hooks for hanging coffee mugs filled with your smallest crafting materials.

17. Expansive Workstation

Who says a craftsperson has to be confined to a standard desk or table? You can equip your craft room with a full, L-shaped workstation that takes up as much space as you have available. With built-in shelves and plenty of drawers, these workstations offer all the storage a handmade business owner needs with ample surface area, too.

18. Adjustable Craft Table

After spending hours creating handmade items to sell, a crafty entrepreneur needs to adjust positions. By adding an adjustable craft table to your space, you provide yourself the flexibility to maneuver when designing your products.

19. Hanging Cabinets

Make the most of limited space in your craft room by hanging cabinets on the walls. Much as a kitchen cabinet adds desired space to store food and other dry goods, similar cabinets can be hung in a craft room for better storage and organization.

20. Window Treatments

Just because sunlight offers better visibility when crafting, that doesn’t mean you can’t have too much of a good thing. If your craft room has windows, be sure and hang blinds, curtains or other adjustable window treatments for better control of the light supply.

How Do You Organize a Small Craft Room?

The secret to craft room organization in small spaces is vertical storage. You can organize a small craft room by adding vertical shelves, vertical bins and an over-door organizer. You can add additional storage by hanging cabinets on the wall.

What Is the Best Color for Craft Rooms?

There is no best color for a craft room. Every artist has personal preferences that boost productivity and provide the most inspiration. However, painting craft room walls a basic white or off-white color not only brighten a room all year round but also provides a neutral backdrop for creative pursuits.

What Items Should Every Craft Room Have?

Necessary items for a craft room obviously will vary depending on the type of craft project, but certain supplies will serve as valuable tools in almost any crafting area. When equipping your new craft room, be sure to make room to store hot glue guns, paint, paintbrushes, pencils, glue, tape, permanent markers, scissors, or a box cutter. You also can’t go wrong by adding wire shelves and a chalkboard wall.

What’s the Best Craft Room Storage for a Small Space?

Craft room organization can be difficult in a small space that lacks extra storage. In addition to vertical storage options, be sure and include plenty of storage bins that hold supplies of any size. Even a traditional hall closet can be a great place to store craft supplies by installing a practical closet organizer inside or over the door.


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