How to Make the Business World Sane Again

making the business world sane again

By any definition, things are crazy inside our business world; the Covid pandemic, record inflation, the supply chain shortage, the Great Resignation, and quiet quitting. How can we make our world sane again?

This week on The Small Business Radio Show, Dr. Michael Adamse says he’s got the solution. He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Miami after completing a pre-doctoral fellowship at Yale University. Michael also hosted a weekly National Public Radio Show, “On the Couch”, which featured interviews with various nationally recognized leaders in literature, the arts, entertainment, and politics. He is the author of the book “Make America Sane Again – A Mental Health Expert Weighs In”.

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Michael says that the perception is that things are more messed up because the news media is now a 24/7 cycle. This is not sustainable from just news, but it is from a “hype” standpoint; “The media is the elephant in the room! Their negative energy affects all of us; but unfortunately, the more fear and anxiety we have, the more susceptible we are to sickness.”

With so much information bombarding us, many people don’t’ have time to think for themselves. Michael believes that there needs to be “time to evaluate what they heard instead of just mimicking the sound bites. Without this, people start to believe a worldview which is very negative.”

When we join groups online, there are more conversations; but unfortunately, it evolves into nasty interactions. Michael believes that “the media has an interest in conflict, but conflict creates drama and drama creates interest. They are selling something to get your attention. The more we are exposed to this dark side, the more desensitized we get to things like violence. We get preoccupied with negative events.”

This has caused a lot of mental health problems in employees. Michael suggests there must be a private mechanism to get them help without penalty.

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Michael says the media will never change what it produces, but you can “engage in more healthy exposure like limiting your time on the internet, seeing people in person and exposing yourself to positive energy.”

America is based on hope and positivity. Michael adds that “if we start losing sight of an optimistic landscape, we lose what this country was based on.”

Listen to the interview how to make your world sane again on The Small Business Radio Show.

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  1. Emphasis on this being a personal responsibility. If you want the benefits, you have to limit your exposure and change your own behavior. You can help yourself. Don’t wait for someone else or some system to fix things for you.

  2. I have a small business and this helps me broaden my knowledge and my way of approaching the business.