Monthly Archives: October 2022

new tiktok live function

TikTok Live Has New Features

TikTok has recently introduced some new features to its TikTok LIVE function, including raising the number of guests creators can have during a broadcast.

how to hire a copywriter

David Leonhardt on Hiring a Copywriter for Your Small Business

In today's Small Biz in :15 video, David Leonhardt, President of THGM Writing Services, explains why hiring a copywriter is often a better idea than trying to go it alone. Other highlights of the video include the benefits of hiring a copywriter, how to hire a copywriter and how to convey your message to them once you do.

how to franchise your business

How to Franchise Your Business

If you're considering franchising, this guide will take you through exactly how to franchise your business so you can take the first step.

dunkin donuts franchising

Dunkin Donuts Franchise Ownership FAQs

If you're thinking of Dunkin Doughnuts franchising, here's everything you need to know so you can decide whether a Dunkin Doughnuts franchise is right for you.

making the business world sane again

How to Make the Business World Sane Again

On the small business radio show these week, I interviewed Dr. Michael Adamse, who's the author of the book “Make America Sane Again - A Mental Health Expert Weighs In”.