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printable lease agreement

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Planning to rent some property? Mastering all the legalities of leasing rental property can be overwhelming. How do you account for all potential scenarios and risks? A lease agreement is a binding contract between a landlord and a tenant that defines all the terms of a rental, and any property owner can purchase an inexpensive lease agreement printable to simplify the leasing process.

The Benefits of a Printable Lease Agreement

Whether the property being leased is a house, office, room, or car, there are a variety of benefits to using a printable lease agreement. Not only are lease agreement templates extremely affordable, often costing $3 or less for a template, but they also are a convenient solution for a busy small business owner, property manager, or real estate agent.

Because most of the printable lease agreement template options are editable, it’s easy to customize the same rental contract for multiple tenants. Likewise, a printable lease agreement can be a legally binding contract once you get the lease signed, so it protects the interests of both the tenant and the landlord.

Residential Lease Agreement vs. a Commercial Lease Agreement

Is there a difference between a residential lease agreement and a commercial lease agreement? Most obviously, a residential lease agreement is made to contract the rental of a home, while commercial agreements dictate the terms of renting an office, store, warehouse, or other commercial property.

A residential lease agreement typically defines the tenant’s rights for daily living, while a commercial lease agreement will be more complex and focus on tenant restrictions and terms under which the property can be used. Residential leases also often provide the tenant with legal protections that don’t apply to commercial rental contracts. Both typically define who is responsible for various maintenance and repairs, as well as lease terms like security deposits and commitment periods.

15 Lease Agreements You Can Print and Use Today

Are you a small business owner with a rental property, and you need to simplify the leasing process? You can choose from a plethora of lease agreement template options offered by a variety of websites, including Etsy. In fact, printable lease agreements are available for practically any type of rental scenario, from rooms and homes to office space and even automobiles.

Small Business Deals

1. Simple Lease Agreement

This simple, one-page lease agreement template can be used for residential rentals. The editable digital download defines terms such as the property description and lease term, and it comes with a one-page version, a two-page template, and a guide to the lease contract that can be completed in just 5 minutes.

2. Standard Lease Agreement

While a simple lease agreement might suffice for more basic rental arrangements, other contracts require standard lease agreements. Standard agreements, such as this example of a standard residential lease template, include information such as the names and contact details of the lessee and lessor, the property address, terms of the lease, rental rates and security deposit details.

3. Short-Term Rental Lease Agreement

Some lease agreements, such as those for vacation rentals, only pertain to a short, set period of time. You can find a rental lease agreement template like this one online to customize for a vacation rental agreement or another short-term lease.

4. Fixed Term Lease Agreement Templates

A fixed-term lease agreement template is a popular form of a printable rental agreement, due in part to the booming vacation rental industry. A short-term lease agreement printable like this one features an easy-to-use document that can be edited for temporary renters.

5. Editable Lease Agreement

An editable lease contract like this one can be downloaded and customized for any residential property, landlord and tenant. The lease agreement is already prepared, and small business owners need only fill in the personal details and have the document signed.

6. Easy Lease Agreement

Looking for an easy lease agreement that can be edited using Microsoft Word? This editable vacation rental agreement can be used to legally define the terms of a short-term lease. The 6-page landlord contract is easy to use and format.

7. Residential Lease Agreement

A variety of printable residential lease agreements are available to download from Etsy and many other online sources. This residential rental agreement is an editable Word template consisting of 4 pages and includes all the standard sections of a lease agreement.

8. Sublease Agreement

Printable lease agreement templates are also available for those subletting a property or renting a room. Sublease rental agreements like this one can help to establish house rules and expectations for co-living with housemates on a short- or long-term basis.

9. Printable Eviction Notice

An unfortunate aspect of a small business leasing property is evicting tenants. Printable eviction notice templates like this one can help to alleviate the hassle of removing occupants from a property. The single digital download can be used for unlimited prints and emails.

10. Office Lease Agreement

A commercial lease agreement helps determine if a tenant violates the terms or makes another lease violation. Printable lease agreement templates like this one help out small business owners who are renting out office space or other commercial buildings.

11. Lease Agreement Templates

Residential lease agreements help protect a landlord’s interests and help prevent misunderstandings that could lead to litigation. Printable lease agreement templates like these digital downloads make the leasing process easier for busy small business owners.

12. Editable Car Lease Agreement Template

Residential and commercial buildings aren’t the only types of properties that can be leased. You also can find printable templates for a vehicle rental agreement. This editable car rental contract lays out the terms of temporarily using a vehicle for a fee.



13. PDF Month-to-Month or Periodic Lease Agreement

This month-to-month lease agreement comes in side-by-side English and Spanish formats. The comprehensive 11-page PDF document consists of a standard residential lease agreement with month-to-month or periodic terms.

14. Commercial Lease Agreement

Looking for a commercial leasing contract between a landlord and a tenant? Consider this simple commercial lease agreement template to help simplify the leasing process. The one-page document is available in both PDF and Word file formats.

15. Printable House Lease

A residential lease agreement should include details like contact information, rights and responsibilities, and monthly rent amount. This printable lease agreement template can help real estate professionals and property managers move from the rental application to collecting tenant rents.


What is the difference between a lease and a rental agreement?

While there are many similarities between a lease agreement and a rental contract, the primary difference lies in the length of the legally binding document. A lease agreement typically covers a long-term contract that covers a fixed period of time, such as a year. Meanwhile, a rental agreement usually pertains to a short-term contract, such as 30 days or a month-to-month house rental agreement.

Can Etsy sellers customize forms and templates?

Some Etsy sellers who offer printable documents can customize their forms and templates. Certain Etsy sellers will personalize their handmade products like forms to suit specific business needs. Customers can request to add their logos, business information and more. Likewise, many printable lease agreements are editable and similar details can be added using a computer.

What is typically included in a rental lease agreement?

While the details of any rental lease agreement can vary, some information is common to practically any of these important legal contracts. Most lease agreements will include details like the lease period, the monthly rent payment and when to pay rent, as well as identifying information about the property owners, tenants and actual location. Depending on the type of rental unit, the leasing contract also might tenant and landlord responsibilities, as well as the option to automatically renew and other required data based on the governing law.

Do lease agreements vary by state?

If you plan to start a real estate small business where you rent a property, you want to understand leasing requirements in your state before your prospective tenant starts paying rent. There are variable lease agreements by state, and it’s important to know your local requirements before printing your own lease agreement. Some states more vigorously protect rental property tenants, while others might have specific requirements for a tenant’s security deposit and returned checks.

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