16 Craft Supply Storage Ideas

craft supply storage

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If you run a handmade business, you likely have lots of art supplies, fabric, ribbon, and office supplies around your home or office. Organizing these small items can help you find what you need quickly and make your business more efficient. Here’s a guide to some top organization options for crafters.

How Does a Business Benefit from Better Organization?

Not sure why craft room organization is so important? Here are some specific benefits for business owners:

  • Find what you need quickly: An unorganized space can force you to waste time searching for supplies whenever you start a new project. With organized systems, you know where everything is and can start right away when inspiration strikes.
  • Avoid purchasing extra supplies: If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you may simply buy more of that item. This can waste your earnings and lead to frustration when you eventually find those items later.
  • Improve productivity: Clutter can be distracting, and you’ll waste lots of time tidying when you could be working. Instead, set systems up right away and maintain them to spend more time on your business.
  • See what you have available: If you’re not sure what to make next, organized space can give you easy access to all your supplies. This may provide inspiration or help you quickly make a list of necessary materials.
  • Enjoy work/life balance: If you work from home, storing crafts and other supplies in every room can distract from time with your family. Keeping everything in its place allows you to focus on work during work time and family during your off hours.


Clever Craft Storage Ideas

Whether you have a dedicated craft room, an entire office, or just a small corner of your spare bedroom, an organized craft space can support a thriving business. Here are some storage containers, shelving units, bins, and other items you can use to organize your materials.

1. Rolling Storage Cart

This rolling cart offers tons of small bins and drawers where you can keep small items like pens, beads, or yarn. There are even pockets on the sides for those objects you need to reach for quickly, and they can roll around your craft room.

2. Wicker Baskets

These baskets include lids, so they can easily stack on top of one another. And the woven texture makes them attractive enough to be stored in common areas.

3. Decorative Wall Storage Cabinets

If you want to keep lots of craft supplies hidden, invest in cabinets with solid doors. This one with a sliding barn door would be perfect for a farmhouse-style space.

4. Jewelry Storage

A jewelry box or case with velvet trays can be perfect for small items like beads, clasps, and chains.

5. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks may be ideal for jewelry, bags, or similar items. You can even hang bins from the hooks and add smaller items inside.

6. Paint Hive

If you have tons of acrylic paint bottles, a hive like this should fit everything and keep it easily accessible.

7. Closet Door Organizer

Organizers like this fit on the back of closet doors and include several sections for craft and office supplies. So this is ideal for those that don’t have tons of extra room to work with.

8. Vertical Storage

If you don’t have a lot of extra floor space, a storage solution that utilizes vertical space to store as much as possible.

More Creative Ways to Create Storage for Craft Supplies

If you have other craft supplies that don’t fit into the solutions above, there are even more products and creative ideas that may work. Here are some to consider.

9. Foldable Storage Containers

These storage bins made from vegan leather fold up when not in use. So you can pack them tightly into a closet or other bin when not in use.

10. Cabinet Organizer

This wooden cabinet includes lots of small compartments for organizing different types of fabric, pencils, stickers, or paints.

11. Thread Spool Rack

For sewing businesses with a lot of thread, this spool rack can keep everything mounted on the wall so that it’s easily accessible.

12. Foldable Craft Table with Storage Shelves

If you want to keep your craft supplies in your workspace, consider a desk with drawers or shelves underneath. This option even folds up when not in use, making it ideal for hybrid spaces like offices that also serve as guest bedrooms.

13. Revolving Yarn Holder

Knitters can display yarn and keep it easily accessible for a variety of projects using this type of revolving holder.

14. Portable Storage Cubes

These portable storage cubes stack on top of and next to one another to create a custom shelving solution. You can add them to a closet or under your crafting table.

15. Canvas Hanging Storage

This hanging storage solution is made of canvas and simply hangs on a wall or door. It has several small pockets for items like scissors and pencils. And it can even serve as decor in a craft room.

16. Pegboard Bins

A pegboard is a completely customizable storage option, perfect for a garage or small workstation. Simply affix the board to the wall. Then you can add hooks, cups, bins, and other organizational tools to it.

How Do You Store Craft Supplies in a Small Space?

Find creative ways to store your craft tools and materials around the structures that are already in your space. For instance, add a few drawers underneath your desk, or hang an organizer on the back of your closet doors.

How Do You Store Crafting Supplies in a Closet?

There are tons of organizing supplies and systems you can use to build a custom closet for craft supplies. For example, you may add shelving throughout the space, and include some drawers or hanging space. If you only have a small amount of space to work with, use a hanging organizer that attaches to the back of the door.

Can You Keep Craft Supplies Organized on a Budget?

You can purchase inexpensive containers or even use small baskets or boxes you already own to organize your craft supplies. Just lay out all your supplies on your craft table and sort them into categories. Then place them in the boxes or bins that will fit each type of item.


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