Do QR Codes Expire?

do qr codes expire

The QR in QR code stands for quick response, and the first QR code was invented back in 1994. QR codes are readable barcodes that can store different kinds of information. Email addresses, phone numbers, and website URLs are just a few examples.

QR codes are often used to track supply-chain products and most smartphones contain built-in QR readers. Scan the QR code and you can do a lot of different things. Like verifying login details and online accounts as well as sending and receiving payments.

So it’s important for small businesses to ask, “Do QR codes expire?”


What is a QR Code?

Got something to sell? Then you need to know that almost half (45%) of shoppers used marketing campaign-related QR codes in 2021.

These are square black and white symbols that use a laser or smartphone to scan them and get info on services and products. One of these has a great commercial use. They offer up links, content, coupons, and other info. They’re just a matrix-based type of barcode.

Business needs to understand how these kinds of codes work.

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How Does a QR Code Work?

Today’s smartphones have QR code scanners. Point your camera phone at QR codes. The QR code readers do the rest and you can read the info. Remember an SVG format lets you resize them.


Do QR Codes Ever Stop Working?

Wondering if static QR codes expire? The answer is no. But some generators have a cap on unlimited use.

Static QR Codes

These have a URL that’s fixed. That means the alignment pattern cant be edited. Use these static QR code options for:

A Resume

This type of QR code doesn’t need to change.

For Images That Don’t Change

Static QR codes work to show off business pictures.

For An Event.

An event QR code can be a one-off. Like invitation cards.

Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR code falls under the banner of a custom QR code. Scanning the QR code here is easy. You can change the destination URL. A created QR code can be edited.

Dynamic QR Code Uses

A dynamic QR code has some business advantages over a static QR code.

Scanning is Faster

The static QR code doesn’t scan as fast as a dynamic one. They create QR code with a shortened URL, so scanning is faster.

They Are Trackable.

Dynamic QR code generate trackable results. The QR code receives info on your customers.

How to Create a QR Code That Doesn’t Expire

Before you can scan a QR code, you need to create one. Don’t forget to look at accessories from Denso Wave Incorporated. Google Denso Wave Inc to get started.

  1. Find a good code generator with an error correction feature.
  2. Enter a URL.
  3. Customize one QR code. Consider shape and color if you’re looking at a social media QR code.
  4. Download and save it.
  5. Add the same QR code to print material, or use a vcard QR code for contact details. These can send your unique ID to a user’s phone

Where to Create a QR Code That Doesn’t Expire

You’ll want to use products that don’t expire but can be edited. Consider a high-speed reading engine like this one.

QRCode Monkey

You’ll get QR codes that don’t expire with this generator. What’s more, QRCode Monkey provides dynamic QR codes. Change and edit them at will. Add a company logo that will get scanned.


The best QR code generator for restaurants. Create a digital menu with ZebraQR. There’s a little tweak if you’re targeting mobile devices. There’s no app required. Just a phone camera. You can make your QR code and your menu.

There’s a free plan. But you’ll need to pay for advanced features. The Pro plan is $49 monthly.


Beaconstac’s QR code generator is used by big names like Revlon, Puma, and Marriott. Scan statistics are provided. The dynamic QR codes can be updated in real-time and that’s great for marketing campaigns. The Starter plan gives you 3 dynamic QR codes and 25,000 scans for $5 USD monthly. Beaconstac offers two other options, either works for landing pages.


The QR codes created with this tool don’t require an account. This is one of the better free QR code generator tools. It’s free and you get an unlimited number of QR code scans. QR stuff works with a variety of different data types like the URL for a webpage.


An ideal choice when you’re looking to generate dynamic QR codes to be scanned. Plus, there’s no expiration date on any of the code that gets created. QRTiger lets you add pictures from your image gallery for commercial purposes. Even a Call To Action can be added to the online QR code. There’s a free trial version.


Choose dynamic QR codes that don’t expire with a subscription. The advanced functionality here allows you to edit your content at any time. You can also use a prebuilt landing page to get started.

You’ll need an account to use Scanova.

Free QR Codes

Free static QR codes are another option. You can find free code options online. Keep in mind there are some security risks when you’re generating a code for free. There can be scan issues. Remember you’re asking a third-party site to get involved many times. Remember static and dynamic QR codes are different. You cant change the data on a static one without a new QR code.

QR Code Generators

These are the software programs used to create QR codes. Based on the data like a webpage URL or text that becomes the QR code.

We’ve already listed some popular QR code options you pay for. And some free QR code generators that work. Now, here are a few more tips on sorting through your QR code options.

  1. Look for speed. A good QR code should be up and running in under a minute. Some, like the image gallery QR code, might need to be tweaked on the fly.
  2. Look for ones that produce standard-sized QR code products. Even a single QR code generated online can be big. Especially if the destination URL is long. A standard-sized QR code is more attractive.
  3. You’ll need a way to track a QR code. Look for one that has a QR code scanner. That’s important whether you are using dynamic QR code or static QR codes. Scanning is an important feature of any successful product.

Can QR codes be customized?

There are different QR code types. Custom QR codes can have different backgrounds, patterns, and colors. You can even add a logo if you’re going to place it on a web page.

Looking for a complete guide on the different types of QR code options? Here’s a link.

Can QR codes be edited?

Dynamic QR codes can be edited. You can change to a new URL destination. And update the content. The other type of QR code is static. Those can’t be edited.

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