10 eBay Motors Scams to Watch Out For

Looking to buy or sell a car online through eBay Motors? Make sure you’re aware of these 10 common car scams before you do. From fake cars to shipping and payment schemes, be on the lookout for anything that seems too good to be true because it probably is!

Read on for tips on how to protect yourself from an eBay motors scam, and stay safe while trading online.

Can You Get Scammed Using eBay Motors?

Yes, it is possible to fall victim to an eBay motors scam. Scammers may pose as legitimate sellers and offer to sell cars at extremely low prices. It is important to thoroughly research the seller and the vehicle before committing to a purchase on eBay Motors.


How Do eBay Vehicle Scams Work?

In general, eBay vehicle scams involve a scammer posing as a seller of a new or used car. They may use fake or stolen pictures and information to lure in unsuspecting buyers.

The scammer will then ask for a payment, and once the buyer sends the payment, they never receive the promised vehicle.

Be Aware of These Common eBay Motors Scams When Buying a Car Online

ebay motors scams

While an online car sale may seem appealing, it’s important to be aware of the most common scams that exist on platforms like eBay Motors. From fake listings to fraudulent payment methods, these scams can cost buyers both time and money. Let’s take a look at 10 scams to watch out for on eBay Motors…

1. eBay Gift Cards Scam

With this scam, a seller will list a car at a low price and require that the buyer purchase gift cards to use as payment. Once the buyer sends the payment, the seller will disappear and the buyer will be left without a car and out of pocket.

2. eBay Motors Covid Scam

Scammers are using the Covid pandemic to scam buyers out of their hard-earned money. For this scam, the scammer tells interested buyers that they cannot see or test drive the car due to the Covid risk.

3. Fraudulant Seller Scam

In this scam, the scammer poses as a legitimate seller but is actually trying to sell a stolen or fake car. They will use fake pictures and information to lure in buyers, and once the buyer sends payment, the scammer disappears without a trace.

4. Too Good To Be True Scam

As the old saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. This definitely applies to car buying on eBay Motors. Scammers will list cars at very low prices in an attempt to lure in naive buyers. Once the buyer sends payment, they will never receive the car.

5. Transaction outside of eBay Scam

If a seller insists on completing the transaction outside of eBay through something like a wire transfer, this is a major red flag. For your safety and utmost protection, transactions should always be conducted on the eBay platform.

More eBay Motors Scams to Watch Out For

In addition to the scams above, here are some more scams to watch out for when using a car sales site like eBay Motors:

6. Beware of New, Non-Dealer Sellers

When buying a car on eBay, it’s important to be aware of new, non-dealer sellers. These types of sellers may not have the same level of experience or expertise as a dealer, and may not be as trustworthy.

7. Seller Asks for Non-Conventional Payment Methods

If a seller asks you to send them money via wire transfer or over the phone, this is a huge red flag. Always pay for your car on the eBay platform using a credit card or PayPal.

8. You Never Get the Car You Pay For

Some scammers will list a car for sale and then never send the car to the buyer, even after receiving payment. If you don’t receive the car you paid for, you may be able to file a claim with eBay.

9. You’re Sold a Dud

You buy what you think is a great car, but it turns out to be a lemon. In some cases, the seller may be aware that the car is a dud and is trying to unload it on an unsuspecting buyer.

10. eBay Buyers Motor Protection Scam

While eBay Motors offers a legitimate buyer protection program, scammers will attempt to offer their own version of this program to trick you into sending them money. They may even go so far as to create fake eBay Motors documents to support their scam.


How to Avoid an eBay Motors Scam

Here are five tips you should consider to avoid being scammed when buying new or used cars on eBay Motors:

  • Do Your Research. Before you buy, be sure to thoroughly research the vehicle you’re interested in. Check out online resources like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds to get an idea of the vehicle’s value, and be sure to read the listing carefully to get an accurate description of the car.
  • Check the Vehicle History Report. A Vehicle History Report (VHR) can tell you a lot about a car, including its accident history, odometer readings, and whether it’s been used as a rental car or taxi. You can order a VHR from companies like Carfax and AutoCheck.
  • Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Before you finalize the purchase, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspection done on the car using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will give you an unbiased opinion of the car’s condition and can help you spot any potential problems.
  • Pay by Credit Card. If you do end up being scammed, paying by credit card will give you some protection under the Fair Credit Billing Act. This law allows you to dispute charges if you’ve been the victim of fraud, and you may be able to get your money back.
  • eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection. If you do end up being scammed, eBay does offer some protection. The eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection program covers eligible transactions for up to $100,000, and you can file a claim if you meet the program’s requirements.


How Do You Know If You’re Being Scammed on eBay Motors?

One way to know if you are being scammed on eBay Motors is by checking the seller’s feedback and doing research on the item being sold.

It is also helpful to review the eBay Motors Security Center, which provides information on common scams and tips for avoiding them.

Additionally, if a deal seems too good to be true or the seller tries to rush the transaction, it is likely a scam.

Is eBay Motors a Legitimate Company?

In short, eBay Motors is a legitimate company that specializes in the sale of vehicles and vehicle parts. As a subsidiary of the well-known eBay brand, eBay Motors has established a strong reputation for securely facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers.

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  1. I got scammed by Ebay, I sent 5 Ebay Cards @$200 each and they requested another $1000 payment for insurance and I rejected it.
    I requested for refund after almost a whole day, I have been emailing Ebay but no response. The phone number that was posted on their flyer has been disconnected.

    • We also got scammed by ebay. We paid 800.00 with 4 $200.00 ebay cards. Then on delivery day were told we had to pay for insurance. We requested our money back. Have yet to receive the cashiers check. Now the number has been busy for 3 days.

      • Brad same thing js happening to me. Have you made any progress

      • The same thing happened to me last wk n now no response or anything I lost what I had saved n now I’m stuck is there anything I can do ?? Can we ever get our money bk??

      • Richard Stringfellow

        The same thing is happening to me. Have you made any type of progress in getting the money back yet

  2. Buying a vehicle on eBay, and I’m wanting to know if the car is legal?

    • I think it was about to happen to me i had a feeling deal is too good to be true thanks guys for saving my A$$

    • Heads up always request a vin number to verify vehicle isn’t stolen, and always do your research someone tried. To get me with this scam unfortunately for them I didn’t trust the email I contacted ebay which they don’t have a direct phone number u must email ebay and request a callback

  3. Kevin Roberts Sr

    Trying to buy a car through Ebay motors and need to know if it’s legit.

    • I don’t believe it’s true at all. I have looked the person up on Facebook and found that the person selling states they are a ‘grandma’ yet the picture is of a young family.
      $1200 for a 2010 or 2019 in mint shape inside and out just looking at the pictures. CANNOT BE TRUE this often.

    • They are scamers .I just lost 3000 dollars I payed for car and insurance. The car commin from nl to ns and then they wanted 2000 more to pass threw customs. There is no customs in ns . You get off the boat in ns and drive

  4. Is using Bitcoin to pay for a car on eBay a safe way or is it a scam as well?? Please I need to know because I’m about to purchase a car. Thanks

    • I just loss 3000 and they wanted 2000 more.i would not pay so they froze my funds for 2 or 3 months and there charging me 20 dollars a day to secure my funds lol what a joke

    • My dad was going to purchase a camper thu eBay and they wanted him to send Bitcoin from some kiosk….he didn’t do it, but it was a scam. He reported it and the next few hours the camper was gone off of advertising.

  5. I was wondering, is using eBay or Apple cards to pay for a vehicle on eBay legitimate? This lady seems honest, and I called the provided number from an “invoice eBay sent. She wants 3 , 500$ Apple cards, (or eBay) for payment. Sounds fishy, but seems legit. Has anyone actually completed a vehicle purchase this way?

    • Do not do it! Gift cards Bitcoin cannot be traced ….once you give them, they can’t be found…

    • This is a SCAM…report it immediately or other will lose money needed for their families. I was just asked to do this, pay with 4 eBay cards. I just reported them to Facebook marketplace where the vehicle is being advertised.

      • I have just had the same experience. I bought a vehicle for a very fair price. The first thing they wanted after we sent the money was a another $1000 for the insurance. We sent that – how stupid. Then they say not to worry ebay has us covered. The next thing, they wanted another $1000 for Texas Border tax. Luckily I didn’t send that! My aunt, who is familiar with ebay, assured me that it had to be above board. The lady who was selling it is obviously “in bed with ebay.” She assured me that the money for the insurance and fee would be repaid immediately!! Boy do I feel stupid. Has anyone contacted an attorney to see if there’s any recourse?? Thank you all so much.

  6. The same thing just happened to me I sent 800 dollars through eBay gift cards each loaded with 200$ when I sent the 800 the next day they asked me to send another 800 for insurance and that raised red flags for so I got on with eBay customer support and they told me to stop all transactions asap because I found the car on Facebook marketplace and they said they never go through any third party sites to sell vehicles. someone out here us scamming people out of their hard money and its sad, please be on high alert do your research on to see the red flags of an scammer and if you are thinking of purchasing on eBay go directly to ebays platform and even then be on high alert

  7. I am interested in a vehicle on FB Marketplace. I am suspucious because the vehicle was advertised on FB, and insists on selling thru ebay. The 2007 Murano for just $800, free delivery, 7 day trial period, no charge for returning the vehicle if not satisfied.

  8. Ditto here, sent 5 eBay gift cards one day before delivery they wanted another5 cards for shipping insurance which will be returned to me at time of delivery,CASH !!! Why can’t we stop this. It only took five minutes for them to say , deal done. Now can’t reach anyone and haven’t heard a word. Why would a Buyer have to pay for shipping when auto is in Sellers name until delivery. And you purchase.,jump thru hoops to get eBay gift cards wait a day then shipping is due. I had a lady seller, she said it belonged to my husband who died 2 months ago , it just brings her such memories so she wanted a quick sale..boy am I a suckered. I want to believe there are still good people but I am doubting it. Guess I just found 16. Wonder how much they have scammed from good people. I don’t think they own anything they are selling. Just take some pics and put it on marketplace.

  9. I think it was about to happen to me i had a feeling deal is too good to be true thanks guys for saving my A$$

  10. Same here I got a response from two ladies that both said their husband died 3 months ago and they are getting rid of the trucks. Thanks for letting me know so I didn’t lose my money. Hope you all get yours back.

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