10 Places to Get Mosaic Supplies for Your Business

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Mosaics can be gorgeous works of art, usually made of glass tiles or similar materials arranged to create a larger image. Some mosaic artists make these pieces for fun or personal use. But others may build a business around it. If you’re interested in opening a shop to sell your mosaics, here’s a guide to sourcing supplies.

What Is Mosaic Art?

Mosaic art can be any image constructed out of small tiles or another small material like rocks or glass. The images can then be added to various home and garden features, like side tables or stepping stones.


The Decorative Arts Market in 2022

The decorative arts market has been strong in recent years. Consumers generally have money to spend and are looking to personalize their homes with unique pieces from American mosaic artists and similar vendors. Future economic uncertainty may negatively impact this market, but there’s usually a space for creators who have something unique to bring to consumers.

Top Places for Mosaic Art Supply for Your Business

You can find mosaic supplies from specialized online retailers, big box stores, and art supplies vendors. Here are some specific places to look for everything you need to open your shop.

1. Amazon

Amazon has everything you need for nearly any type of craft project. Their mosaic-related inventory includes glass tiles, glue, starter kits, and nearly any kind of base you may want. They also provide fast delivery that’s usually free for Prime members.

2. Etsy

Etsy isn’t just a place for selling finished mosaic pieces. The marketplace also offers tons of supplies for your own projects. In addition to complete kits and large assortments of glass tiles, some sellers offer their own leftover materials at discounted rates.

3. Mosaic Art Supply

Mosaic Art Supply is an online retailer that specializes just in mosaic supplies. In addition to glass tiles and tools, the site is also full of educational resources for makers. They offer specific tutorials as well as general guides that can provide many benefits to those looking to hone their skills.

4. Delphi Glass

Delphi Glass is a supplier that specializes in stained glass materials and mosaic tiles. This includes lots of colorful pieces, as well as the tools and support needed to create numerous projects. The website also includes videos and tutorials.

5. WitsEnd Mosaic

WitsEnd Mosaic is the oldest online supplier in this space. They offer a variety of materials, including many that are sorted into collections. So you can easily shop by size, style, or color choices.

6. Michael’s

Michael’s is one of the largest craft store chains in the U.S. You can find glass and various supplies both in their physical stores and online. This may be especially beneficial for those who like mixed media pieces or who want to create mosaics on other surfaces that Michael’s may also carry.


BLICK is a nationwide artist supply retailer, with options for mosaics and tons of other projects. They offer kits for beginners, as well as tools and materials for those who have mastered their craft.

8. Mosaic Heaven

Mosaic Heaven is completely dedicated to mosaic materials. The site has a wide selection of tiles and stones in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. You can shop by collection, or narrow based on the specific parameters of your project.

9. Walmart

Walmart is a huge retailer with both online and in-person shopping options. Their mosaic inventory consists of basics like tile and grout. But you can also find various furniture pieces and other large items to use as the base for your projects.

10. eBay

eBay includes an ever-changing array of art supplies from third-party sellers. You may find deals from other makers, or even vintage or one-of-a-kind pieces for special items.


Essential Mosaic Art Materials and Supplies

As you shop for mosaic materials for your new shop, here are some basics you may find yourself purchasing again and again.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles come in a large mix of shapes, colors, sizes, and finishes. You can even get large sets of pieces in irregular shapes.


Once you arrange the tile, something needs to hold it in place. Get a solid adhesive that can adhere to multiple surfaces.


Many projects also include grout to fit between the pieces of tile to create a smoother surface.


Thinset is another type of adhesive and grout that can work for certain types of projects.

Contact Paper

Some artists use contact paper to lay out their mosaic designs. Then they’ll transfer that paper onto another surface.


A base for a mosaic may be anything where you want your art to be displayed. Think of a piece of wall art or a small table.

Mosaic Tools for Business

Mosaics also utilize several tools. These can be larger investments, but you’ll usually use them for many projects.


Nippers are tiny clippers used to cut small pieces of tile. They can be used to shape pieces to fit into your design.

Tile Cutter

Tile cutters are generally larger and may be used to create the tiny pieces used in a mosaic.


Some artists may use a hammer to break up large pieces of tile into irregular shapes.

Safety Gear

Gloves and eye protection improve safety while working with glass and sharp tools.


A bucket is usually required for mixing grout or thinset.


Where Is the Best Place to Get the Finest Mosaic Tile?

There are lots of online retailers that sell quality mosaic tiles, so it depends on your needs. Amazon, Etsy, and Michael’s all sell a variety of options. However, specialized retailers like Mosaic Art Supply and WitsEnd Mosaic tend to have the most extensive supply.

What Is the Best Base for a Mosaic?

The best base for a mosaic depends on what you want your final project to look like. Anything made of sturdy material like metal, concrete, or terra cotta can adhere to tiles.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Mosaic?

This depends on the size of the project and the quality of the materials. Mosaics can cost anywhere from about $25 to more than $200 per square foot to produce.

Is Selling Mosaic Art Profitable?

Selling mosaic art can be profitable as long as you have a solid pricing strategy and marketing. To turn a profit, your prices need to account for more than just the cost of supplies. Also, factor in your time, general business expenses, and marketing for growth.

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