TikTok Names Its Top Creators of 2022

TikTok have published The Discover List 2022 containing 50 of the best TikTok creators across five categories. The list includes 17 creators from the United States, so let’s have a quick rundown of TikTok’s top creators of the year.

TikTok Names Its Top Creators of 2022


The Changemakers category is all about speaking up and speaking out. These TikTok creators have advocated for social change and educated their followers by sharing their culture.

top tiktok creators 2022

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The Foodies category is where you find all the culinary creators teaching their followers awesome recipes. Check these TikToks out for step-by-step meal-making instructions and demonstrations on how to add a creative twist to your cuisine.


Recognizable from the For You feed, these trend-riding creators help videos go viral and they live and breathe TikTok culture. These topical content-makers inspire others with their wide variety of iconic TikToks.


These innovators and pioneers offer a fresh perspective on everything they do, always pushing creative boundaries with the likes of effects and artistic transformations. These creators like to experiment and often inspire millions with their content.


The Icons may ride the trendy wave, but someone has to get it started in the first place, and that’s where the Originators come in. These creators create trends such as viral dances, sounds and aesthetics, for the rest of us to enjoy.

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  1. You know you’re getting old when you recognize zero people on a list like this.

    And it’s odd to me how little they have crossed into the mainstream. They’re very TikTok focused.

    • This is true. And keeping that in mind, I think as paid influencers they will only have a positive impact on your business if a significant part of your target group is using this app. Otherwise, it’s money spent for nothing.

  2. How can I be seen better on Tik Tok? Do you know a good course for me to take?

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