Restroom Signs of All Kinds for Your Business

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If there’s a restroom in your business (and hopefully there is!), it needs signage. What kind of signage, however, depends upon whether your bathrooms are for public use or employees only, and whether they can accommodate people with disabilities.
All businesses should have an ADA-compliant bathroom whenever possible. This includes having required signage, as well as several other implements. For more information on ADA-Compliant Restrooms, check out the ADA’s website. They have many useful posts about ADA requirements for bathrooms, such as this one.
You should also indicate whether or not your restrooms are open to the public. Depending upon your location, hours, etc., you may decide that you’d prefer to keep your restrooms limited to employees only. Posting a No Public Restrooms sign outside your business can deter random people from coming into your store just to use the bathroom. While some people will inevitably ask anyway, you can save yourself some time and aggravation by posting a No Public Restrooms Sign. You can also post “Employees Only” signs on your restroom door, or anywhere you don’t want just anyone to access.
Below we have bathroom signs of all kinds for your business. We searched through Amazon and did the work for you to find you the best restroom signs for your business. Whether you have fully accessible, gender-neutral public restrooms or you’d prefer your bathroom to be “Employees Only,” we’ve got a sign to fit your needs.

Restroom Signs

If you have a public restroom, it’s important to post where it is and who can use it. Below we have signs for men, women, unisex, gender-neutral, and handicap-accessible bathrooms, so you’re bound to find something that will apply to your bathroom situation.

GDS All Gender Restroom Sign – ADA Compliant

All Gender Restroom Sign by GDS - ADA Compliant

This silver sign covers all the bases – It has Grade 2 raised Braille, as well as raised icons for the visually impaired. The icons and wording let customers know the restroom is all-gender and wheelchair accessible. This bathroom sign comes with adhesive tape for wall mounting and is 8″L x 6″W.

All Gender Restroom Sign by GDS – ADA Compliant

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SmartSign Brass Unisex/Handicap Accessible Restroom Sign

SmartSign 6 x 9 inch Unisex Restroom Sign with Men

This bathroom sign is made from 100% 40 mil brass, which makes it extra durable, not to mention attractive. It features the recognizable man, woman, and wheelchair pictographs and is 6″x9″. Included for hanging are high-bond 3M foam adhesive strips.

SmartSign Brass Unisex Restroom Sign with Men Women Handicap Accessible Wheelchair Pictograms

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2 Pcs Double-Sided Metal Restroom Signs

2 Pcs Double Sided Metal Restroom Sign Black Aluminum Bathroom Sign

This package offers 2 aluminum restroom signs and matching expansion screws for installation. The signs are each 12 x 4 inches and are double-sided. They have “RESTROOM” in large, white letters, arrows, and man and woman pictographs.

2 Pcs Double-Sided Metal Restroom Signs

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Set of 2 Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs

Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs

Two brushed aluminum signs, each 9″L x 3″W, are included in this package, with strong adhesive strips on the back of each. They are meant to be mounted on the restroom door, and there is one that says “Men” and one that says “Women.”

Brushed Aluminum Restroom Signs (Set of 2)

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GORGECRAFT Restroom Identification Signs

GORGECRAFT Restroom Identification Signs

This modern, stylish set of bathroom signs are simple. The silhouette of the “Men” and “Women” icons is in a brushed gold finish. Each sign is about 7″L x 2.5″W and can be mounted on the door. If you have all-gender restrooms, you can simply put both signs on the same door.

GORGECRAFT Male and Female Restroom Identification Signs

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4 Pieces Acrylic Plastic Restrooms Sign

4 Pieces Acrylic Plastic Restrooms Sign Restroom Directional Sign

These 9 x 3 acrylic signs show the man, woman, and wheelchair icons in a bold black and white font. Two signs have right-facing arrows and two have left-facing arrows, and they can be installed on any flat surface with the included double-sided tape.

4 Pieces Acrylic Plastic Restrooms Sign

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Signs ByLITA Right Arrow Directional Bathroom Sign

Signs ByLITA Basic Restrooms Right Arrow Directional Sign

For smaller places with just one restroom, here’s a sign that simply reads “Restrooms” with a right-facing arrow. The sign is 4.5″H X 9″ W and is made from durable plastic with laser engraving. This sign comes in a wide variety of colors, too.

Signs ByLITA Basic Restrooms Right Arrow Directional

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Kubik Letters ADA Unisex Bathroom Sign

Kubik Letters Restroom Signs for Business

This sign indicates a unisex and wheelchair-accessible bathroom in white letters on a black matte finish. It is 8.95″L x 5.1″W and comes with strong adhesive tape for wall mounting. The pictograms and text are raised for the visually impaired and grade 2 Braille is at the bottom of the sign.

Kubik Letters Restroom Signs for Business – ADA Unisex Bathroom Sign

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Excello Global Products  Male and Female Wooden Restroom Signs

Excello Global Products Wooden Restroom Sign

For an old-fashioned look, these round signs indicate male and female restrooms with pictograms on a woodgrain background. They are each 9.3″L x 1.6″W and come with self-adhesive tape for mounting.

Excello Global Products Wooden Restroom Sign Male and Female 2-Pack

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Custom Products Solutions ADA Men Women Restroom Sign Set

Designer ADA Men Women Restroom Sign

These durable acrylic signs feature a smoky gray finish and standoff mounts for an upscale look. The signs are each 9×9 inches and have 1/32″ raised tactile text and grade 2 Braille. They are made in the USA.

ADA Men Women Restroom Sign Set with Braille and Stand Off Mounts

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Alpha Dog Signs All Gender Restroom Sign Bundle

Unisex Restroom Sign Bundle - Wall and Door

This set of 2 high quality, Made in the USA signs both indicate unisex and handicap-accessible bathrooms. One sign is rectangular with the man, woman, and handicap-accessible icons in raised text, and grade 2 Braille. The other sign is round with a triangle inside and just features the man, woman, and handicap-accessible icons with no raised text or Braille. They meet ADA requirements.

Alpha Dog Signs Unisex Restroom Sign Bundle ADA Compliant

Buy on Amazon Gender Neutral Restroom Sign Gender Neutral Restroom Sign

Finally, this ADA-compliant gender-neutral restroom sign provides visual, tactile, and Grade 2 Braille information. It is 11×6 inches and is blue with white lettering, and installs easily with the included mounting strips.

ComplianceSigns Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign ADA-Compliant Braille and Raised Letters

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Other Types of Bathroom Signs

Below are some other important signs to consider. Just as you should indicate where your bathrooms are, you should also post if they’re not open to the public. Do this with a simple sign or sticker stating there are no public restrooms, and/or that restrooms are for employees only.


No Public Restrooms Sign

No Public Restroom Sign Restroom Signs for Business

This large, heavy-duty sign lets people know that your restrooms are not for the public. Made from rust-resistant aluminum, this sign is intended to be hung outdoors, letting people know before they even step inside that your bathrooms are for employees only. The sign is 10″ x14″ and printed with high-contrast colors.

 My Custom Signs No Public Restrooms Bathroom Sign

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Removable Waterproof No Public Restrooms Vinyl Window Decal – 5 Pack

No Public Restrooms Sign Sticker 9x3 Inch Vinyl Window Door Signs

A great, temporary solution for a No Public Restroom sign is this 5 pack of window clings. They’re made from durable vinyl and are easy to adhere -simply peel and paste. A scraper is included for smoothing the sign and to help with removal. The decal dimensions are 9″L x 3″W.

No Public Restrooms Sign Sticker 9×3 Inch Vinyl Signs Business Removable Waterproof Decal 5 Pack

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Employee Restroom Vinyl Decal

Employee Restroom with Symbol Business Sign Vinyl Sticker

Sometimes, a simple sticker will do the trick! This 8-inch Employee Restroom sticker is printed on heavy-duty vinyl and has an adhesive back. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and at such a low price point, you can get a few.

Employee Restroom with Symbol Business Sign Vinyl Sticker Decal 8″

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Sorry, No Public Restroom Stickers

No Public Restroom Sticker Signs

You can let folks know in a more polite way that your bathrooms aren’t for public use with a little “sorry” in your signage. These convenient stickers are both 2″x 3.5″ and easily stick to any surface.

Sutter Signs No Public Restroom Sticker Signs

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Excello Global Products Employees Only Sign-Pack of 3

Excello Global Products Employees Only Sign

Since these signs simply say “Employees Only” and show a generic-looking door, you can use them anywhere you don’t want the public to have access. You get 3 black and white Employees Only signs made of semi-rigid plastic that are simple to mount and unmount with the included adhesive tape. The signs are each 9″L x 3″W.

Excello Global Products Employees Only Sign

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No Public Restrooms Signs 4 Pack

No Public Restrooms Signs 4 Pack

A brightly colored sign can let everyone know that your business does not have public restrooms. You get 4 signs, too, so you can place them in multiple locations if needed. The vinyl stickers are 10×7 inches. To use them, simply peel and stick them to any flat surface.

No Public Restrooms Signs 4 Pack

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Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign

Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign

Lastly, let your customers know that hygiene is a top priority with this sign for your restroom. This brushed gold sign mounts easily to your bathroom wall and has easy-to-read text and graphics. The sign is 7×3 inches.

Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work Sign

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