Spotlight: BotoPlace Specializes in Just One Med Spa Service

There are tons of Med Spas around the U.S. Most offer a variety of services. But BotoPlace dares to be different.

Instead of dabbling in lots of areas, the new business focuses on covering one specialty really well: Botox. Read about how the company thrives with a focused niche in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Offers Botox application and medical-grade skincare products.

BotoPlace is the first walk-in Botox-only medspa in the U.S., according to Founder Carla Castro.

Business Niche

Offering walk-ins and flat rates for Botox treatments.

Castro told Small Business Trends, “We also offer flat fee treatments rather than charging per unit – the traditional way an injector charges, which can often lead to a more expensive visit.”

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How the Business Got Started

Chasing a dream.

Castro explains, “I built a career for over 20 years in the areas of marketing and public relations. With the pandemic and economic crash, I followed my heart and, as a Botox lover, I came to the USA, changing my business core and decided to bet on the beauty industry with my partner Fabiola Ledermann by creating Botoplace.”

Biggest Win

Building a dedicated customer base.

Castro adds, “Our biggest “win” in the beginning of our operation (Botoplace is only 4 months old) is that customers already know us and trust us in our work.”

Biggest Challenge

Hurricane Ian.

Castro says, “We had to close our doors for a week, on top of all the tragedy that affected so many families. It is a delicate moment, we had to rethink our communication in this period.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Marketing and research.

Castro adds, “These are essential to keep a business current and in line with consumer needs.”

Surprising Fact

They really only offer FDA-approved Botox treatment.

Castro elaborates, “Some people come to us asking for botox injections in areas that are not FDA-authorized, or fillers – and we are botox-only, something many other medspas are not.”

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