Spotlight: EDM Zero Beverages Wants to Reimagine Healthy Spirits

The spirits industry isn’t known for being especially health-conscious. However, EDM Zero Beverages wants to change that. Its first product Prosecco Zero is already a hit. Additionally, the company is now venturing into tequila. Read about the company’s journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers healthy spirits.

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Co-founder and CMO Mike Valdes-Fauli told Small Business Trends, “Our first product is Prosecco Zero. Most proseccos have approximately 25 grams of sugar. Ours has less than 3. Our second product will be Tequila Zero, hitting the marketplace in January 2023.”

Business Niche

Offering healthy options without sacrificing quality.

Valdes-Fauli says, “We believe the marketplace is lacking a clear leader at the intersection of health and high-quality spirits. We aim to reduce unwanted ingredients like sugar, gluten, pesticides and more…while heightening the quality of a range of spirits across our portfolio. Consumers shouldn’t have to choose between healthy and quality.”

Business Origin Story

As a family business.

Valdes-Fauli started the business with his brother-in-law, Ervin Machado. Machado, a sommelier and beverage director, serves as the company’s CEO. Valdes-Fauli comes from a business and marketing background and serves as the CMO.

Valdes-Fauli adds, “The business was founded by brothers-in-law who had always wanted to start something together, and finally found the perfect vehicle that perfectly merged our disparate talents and experience.”

Biggest Win

Bringing new products to market.

Valdes-Fauli says, “Our biggest win was doubling down on our strategy to create a robust portfolio of healthy spirits. So rather than staying complacent with just the success of our prosecco, we re-invested all our profits into developing and importing a high-quality tequila called Tequila Zero this January!”

Biggest Risk

Bringing new products to market.

In addition to expansion being the company’s biggest win, it was also a large risk.

Lesson Learned

Don’t delay going for your dreams.

Valdes-Fauli adds, “The response we’re getting from consumers, distributors, restaurants and retailers is fantastic and validates our strategy. I wish we had gotten this going a decade ago!”

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Favorite Quote

“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.” – Benjamin Franklin.

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