Important Tax Deadline Approaching for Employers

Attention employers with salaried employees: The deadline for filing your W2 forms and W3s to the Social Security Administration is Tuesday, January 31.

For business owners who pay subcontractors, you’ve got the same deadline. You have until Jan. 31 to file your 1099s or 1099-NECs forms with the SSA.

The IRS sent out a notice recently reminding employers of this important upcoming tax deadline.

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Important Change – SSA New Registration Policy

If you’ve already registered to use Business Services Online, you can e-file, all is well. Start the process via the Social Security website

If you don’t already have a BSO registration, it’s already too late to e-file.

Here’s why: Effective September 19, 2022, another layer was added to the BSO registration system, in order to add an additional level of security. You can apply for registration online, and then you’ll be snail-mailed an activation code. You can’t complete your BSO registration until you’ve received the activation code – which is estimated to take two weeks.

tax deadline approaching for employers

Where Can You Get the Forms?

You can get the forms to filling out the W2, W3 and Form 1099 information via the IRS, forms. Remember that you can’t use forms that are in red ink – the forms must be scannable by the SSA. You can find instructions for filling out the forms on the same IRS website.

The forms must be mailed by January 31. It’s best to use USPS tracking services so you can prove the date you mailed the forms, as well as be informed of the date your mail was delivered.

No Extensions, Possible Penalties

It’s not like filing taxes. You can’t get an extension.

What happens if you file late?

  • Within 30 days after January 31 – You’ll be fined $60 per form.
  • From 30 days after deadline until August 1 – You’ll be fined $120 per form.
  • After August 1 – You’ll be fined $310 per form.

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