What are the Most Used Smart Devices in the US?

Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United States with 69% of American households already owning one, according to research by Rave Reviews.

What are the Most Used Smart Devices in the US?

Smart entertainment devices are the most popular category, with smart security devices not far behind. Audio video devices are the most frequently adopted smart technology, with 56% of households owning something in this product range.

the most used smart devices in the US

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According to research by Rave Reviews – which they have put into an excellent infographic with the help of design agency Nowsourcing – wireless speakers and voice-assisted smart speakers are also popular with Americans, while the likes of smart smoke detectors, video doorbells and usage monitors are also on the rise.

The Smart Generations

While Baby Boomers and Generation X might snort at the thought, both Millenials and Generation Z can be considered the Smart Generations, as they are adopting smart technology at a higher rate than their elders.

While 46% of households in general want their homes to have smart devices, a massive 86% of Millenials would be willing to pay more for a connected home. A similar percentage of Millenials and Generation Z say adopting smart home tech is a positive thing, compared to just 69% of Boomers.

At 94%, Generation Z value the convenience of smart home products more than any other generation. However, Millenials have a head start on them when it comes to earnings, and thus are the generation currently spending the most on smart home tech at an average of $1,226 per year.

Benefits of Smart Technology

Rave Reviews discovered that smart water heaters can save an average of $4,500 over ten years, while smart thermostats can cut HVAC costs by 10% each year. Even the simple smart light bulb saves $35 per bulb per year.

With developments in smart home tech getting faster, better and more streamlined, the total amount of smart devices being shipped is projected to reach 1.77 billion by 2025.

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future: Technology of Convenience

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