These US Cities Have the Most Self-Employed People

U.S. cities with surging self-employment rates revealed; study uncovers trends and income disparities among freelancers.

The number of self-employed workers in the US has surged by nearly one million since 2016, now totaling approximately 16 million, as per Census Bureau data analyzed by Chamber of Commerce.

Many individuals are attracted to self-employment due to the flexibility it offers and the opportunity to be their own boss.

Florida cities dominate the top ten list of cities with the highest percentage of self-employed workers, with six out of ten located in the state, while 16 cities in the US have more self-employed females than males.

The nationwide average income for self-employed workers is $54,232, slightly higher than the median income for all workers.

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that cities in Florida, particularly within the Miami metropolitan area, have the highest percentage of self-employed workers. Hialeah, Florida, ranks first with 20% of its workforce being self-employed, followed by Miami at 18.9%.

Out of the 170 cities analyzed, only 16 have a higher number of self-employed females compared to males. Among the top 30 cities, 12 are located in California, with Los Angeles ranking fifth with 15.9% of its workforce being self-employed.

Self-employed individuals earn more than the median income in 89 cities across the US.

Miami, Florida, has the highest percentage of self-employed women at 17.1%, followed by Hialeah, Florida, with 14.4%, and Huntington Beach, California, with 14%. Self-employment provides a viable alternative for those looking to run their own business while maintaining work-life balance.

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  1. From this, we can conclude that self-employed people don’t like the cold. Many self-employed people are digital nomads, so they have a choice where to live. I would assume they gravitate to places they would most want to live. THis map says it all!

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