A Human’s Role in AI Development


Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing. For small businesses, this type of technology offers a number of ways to scale up. To shed light on the increasing prevalence of AI, Academic Influence, academics and data scientists who work to provide objective academic rankings, has compiled a comprehensive infographic focussed on what AI needs to learn from humans.

Here are some of the key findings from the research.

Global AI Business Adoption on the Rise

Businesses in China are leading the way in AI adoption, with 58% of companies using this type of technology. 28% of businesses have adopted AI in Canada, 25% in the UK, and 25% in the United States. Meanwhile, 43% of businesses are exploring AI in the US, 26% in the UK, 28% in Canada, and 30% in China.

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The infographic unveiled that much of the excitement about AI is due to ChatGPT, which has become a ‘game changer.’ In January 2023, ChatGPT hit 100 million monthly users, becoming the fastest-growing application in history.

The research also looks at some the pitfalls of AI and the human elements it is not able to achieve. This includes creativity, empathy and teamwork.

The infographic quotes several leading figures in AI technology.

“For humanity, we have this idea of a co-pilot; this tool that we can have for every profession. It’s going to be the collective power, and creativity, and will of humanity that figures out what to do with AI.”

Unlocking AI’s Potential with the Human Element

The infographic explores using the power of AI with real human intelligence to accomplish big tasks in a short amount of time. This could advance AI in a number of ways, including the ability to multitask on multiple projects, the power of discernment and common sense, and the confidence to make moral decisions. These abilities however require one basic element: a human’s knowledge and experience with AI curation.

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