LinkedIn Rolls Out New Tools to Boost B2B Marketing


LinkedIn has announced a range of new products and services aimed at aiding B2B marketers in navigating the current economic landscape with increased confidence. The announcement comes in the wake of findings from LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Benchmark, which suggests a strong sense of optimism among marketers worldwide, despite global macroeconomic uncertainties.

As per the B2B Marketing Benchmark, 86% of B2B marketers feel confident about their roles, despite facing hard decisions on where to invest. The study shows that not only the marketers but also B2B CFOs, 60% of them, are hopeful about marketing’s potential to drive revenue over the next year.

The survey also reveals changing perceptions within the C-suite, with about two-thirds of B2B CMOs and CFOs agreeing on the growing significance of the CMO’s role. Moreover, eight out of ten B2B CMOs have adapted to the language of finance. Such optimism extends to future prospects as well, with 65% of B2B marketing leaders expecting their budgets to grow in the upcoming year.

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LinkedIn, recognizing the prevailing positivity, is launching a host of new offerings designed to assist B2B marketers in meeting their goals and continuing to drive results. The new tools incorporate advanced technologies and capabilities such as AI-generated Copy Suggestions, designed to aid marketers in prioritizing high-value work by generating text and headlines for ad creatives.

Another key innovation is the CMO Scorecard, a part of the B2B Edge consultancy program, aimed at demonstrating the impact of paid advertising on business performance. LinkedIn is also introducing the B2B Index and B2B Leaderboard to help marketers maximize both paid and organic marketing efforts.

On the advertising front, LinkedIn is offering new ways for businesses to reach their audiences with Thought Leader Ads, Conversation Ads, and In-Stream Video Ads. With the new Audience Insights API, marketers can gain a better understanding of the buyers and companies they target. Furthermore, marketers can engage in one-to-one conversations with buyers via Pages Messaging.

LinkedIn’s new suite of tools and resources offers B2B marketers the opportunity to navigate the current economic environment, armed with insights and cutting-edge technology. These resources also align with the needs of small businesses, offering the potential for enhanced performance and growth amid uncertainties.

The B2B Marketing Benchmark is based on a global survey of 1,954 B2B CMOs, CFOs, and senior-level B2B marketers conducted by Ipsos, commissioned by LinkedIn. The survey included small, medium, and large organizations in the US, UK, Germany, France, India, Australia, Singapore, and Brazil. The research was conducted online from March 24 to May 5, 2023.

For small business owners, these findings and resources underscore the changing dynamics and opportunities within the B2B marketing landscape. As marketing roles evolve and budgets expand, these tools could play a pivotal role in driving business growth and navigating through uncertainties.

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