Pinterest Boosts Advertising Capabilities for Small Businesses

Pinterest is introducing two new advertising solutions, Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs. These innovative solutions are designed to augment campaign success for advertisers, opening up new opportunities for small businesses to increase their visibility and customer engagement.

Premiere Spotlight is a high-impact advertising solution that gives brands an opportunity to exclusively own premium placements on the platform for a designated period. With an emphasis on achieving maximum visibility with Pinterest users, Premiere Spotlight is particularly suited to businesses aiming to reach audiences at scale during product launches or significant campaigns.

Premiere Spotlight features video ads on key parts of the platform, such as the search page – a primary point of discovery for users. These video ads occupy approximately 50% of a mobile device’s screen on Pinterest’s search page, making them an attention-grabbing option for businesses.

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Meanwhile, the Travel Catalogs feature is a significant upgrade for businesses in the travel industry. Leveraging Pinterest’s product catalog technology, travel brands can upload their products to the platform. Once uploaded, Pinterest turns each listing into a dynamic product Pin containing relevant booking information such as the hotel brand name, pricing, images, descriptions, and more. The feature also includes a direct link to the booking website, making it easier for users to go from inspiration to booking.

An important aspect of Travel Catalogs is the ability to target users based on location data provided in their feed, enabling businesses to reach a more relevant audience. Catalogs have proven successful in the past, with retailers seeing nearly a 30% increase in attributed checkouts after uploading their catalogs and tagging their products.

With tens of millions of Pinterest users worldwide engaging with travel content each month, Travel Catalogs provides a unique opportunity for businesses in the travel sector to tap into a highly interested user base. Now, when a Pinterest user is planning their trip, they can click on a Travel Catalog Pin and book their dream holiday directly from the brand’s website.

Both Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs offer novel avenues for small businesses to maximize their Pinterest advertising and capture the interest of their target audience. As Pinterest continues to develop and refine its advertising offerings, small businesses have an opportunity to engage with their customers in increasingly effective ways.

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