SpotOn Launches Exclusive Restaurant Point-of-Sale Hardware

SpotOn, a leading software and payment solutions provider for restaurants, recently revealed its latest offering: SpotOn Restaurant. This innovative solution is an amalgamation of top-tier restaurant point-of-sale (POS) software and a suite of proprietary hardware designed exclusively by SpotOn to address the unique needs of each restaurant.

The new SpotOn Restaurant promises enhanced efficiency, dependability, and user-friendliness, enabling restaurant staff to provide a smooth experience for customers. Amid reports that more than 40% of restaurant operators are planning to augment their technology investments to boost productivity, the introduction of SpotOn Restaurant appears timely and aptly suited to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Bryan Solar, Chief Product Officer at SpotOn, commented on the evolution of the industry and the need for adaptable hardware. “The industry is evolving quickly, so it was critical that we worked with our clients and Restaurant Advisory Council members to design a suite of hardware that responds to the real needs of the modern restaurateur,” he said.

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SpotOn’s new hardware suite includes the 15.6” Station, the 10” Counter, and the 6.5” Handheld. These devices were designed in consultation with highly regarded restaurant owners and operators, members of SpotOn’s Restaurant Advisory Council.

The Station, boasting a large, ultra-durable HD touchscreen and a sleek design, is an ideal POS for restaurants with extensive menus. It offers several configurations, including an attached or detached guest-facing display, a base payment reader, or a side-mounted payment reader. All configurations come with contactless and dip payment technology.

The Counter is designed specifically for counter-service restaurants and cafes with limited counter space and smaller menus. This POS offers contactless and dip payment technology and an optional guest-facing display to enhance speed and accuracy.

The Handheld is a mobile POS with an 18% larger touchscreen display designed to accelerate service speed. It comes with a leather hand strap for easy handling, integrated contactless and dip payment technology, and a laser scanner option for loyalty sign-ups and redemptions.

The new hardware aims to improve transaction speeds, boost order accuracy, facilitate quicker bill presentation and payment, and build a guest database through loyalty sign-ups. All devices are designed for the most challenging restaurant environments, providing protection against drink spills and dust.

As a part of the rollout, SpotOn is partnering with FIS to become a payment facilitator, enabling more end-to-end control of payment processing for its clients. This collaboration will also open up tokenization, giving SpotOn clients a more detailed view of their customer’s preferences and purchasing habits to provide a more personalized experience.

The new SpotOn Restaurant is set to roll out in Q4. This upgrade is poised to help restaurants streamline operations, reduce costs, improve staffing efficiency, and deliver an excellent guest experience, a step forward in meeting the growing need for technological advancements in the restaurant industry.

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