ALIVE Podcast Network and RIVERSIDE.FM Launch Innovative Platform for Black Creators


The ALIVE Podcast Network has announced an exciting partnership with RIVERSIDE.FM for the launch of the “Riverside Black Creative HUB – Powered by ALIVE Podcast Network. The joint venture between the ALIVE Podcast Network and RIVERSIDE.FM aims to revolutionize the way content creators interact through the newly launched Riverside Black Creative HUB.

This platform, benefiting from the strengths of both entities, will serve as a mastermind community enabling creators to innovate within their respective platforms.

“Providing Black podcasters a safe space to share, test, and generate new ideas is what the Riverside Black Creators HUB powered by ALIVE Podcast Network is all about,” said Angel Livas, Founder & CEO of the ALIVE Podcast Network. “We’re beyond excited to maintain the daily facilitation of the group that we truly believe will spark innovative conversations and inspirational outcomes for black creators looking to advance their podcasting footprint.”

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Committed to showcasing diverse perspectives and protecting the content of Black creatives, ALIVE Podcast Network aims to extend its reach and empower more content creators by providing a platform for sharing their stories and generating new ideas.

RIVERSIDE.With its cutting-edge technology and robust user base, FM will grant Riverside subscribers a unique opportunity to join the Facebook group set to go live on Monday, July 24, 2023.

Expressing the philosophy behind the partnership, Kendall Breitman, Community Manager for, said, “We believe that the creative landscape needs to reflect the diverse voices in our society better, and spaces should be created to amplify those voices to empower more people to share their stories. That’s why we at are committed to cultivating an empowering community for Black creators and creators of color to share information, spark inspiration, and foster personal growth.”

This collaboration promises to drive innovation and shape the future of Black content creators. By merging the expertise and resources of these two industry leaders, they will be able to create groundbreaking opportunities for content creators while delivering unmatched value to their listeners. The partnership serves as a testament to the continued effort to foster inclusivity in the content creation landscape while empowering small businesses and independent creators to navigate the digital sphere with confidence and support.

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