BigCommerce Launches New Tools to Fuel Global Growth for Small Businesses

BigCommerce has rolled out fresh features to augment its multi-storefront (MSF) offering. The updates are designed to enable businesses to sell products to a global customer base, accommodating varied languages, currencies, and cultural preferences.

“Language, currency, and cultural differences should not be barriers to commerce, and now they don’t have to be,” Troy Cox, the Senior Vice President of product at BigCommerce, said. “These new enhancements extend our MSF functionality so merchants have even more flexibility to grow their brands and global footprints through one powerful BigCommerce dashboard.”

BigCommerce’s MSF upgrades will allow businesses to cultivate localized experiences with specialized content and settings for each storefront. Merchants can tailor content across product catalogs, storefront pages, shopping carts, orders, and transactional emails. They also gain the flexibility to create exclusive pricing, coupons, and promotions for each storefront. Additionally, the new features support localized language, payment options, currency, tax, and shipping preferences.

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This expansion arrives when cross-border e-commerce is surging worldwide, especially in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, according to eMarketer. The US, lagging behind these leaders, is expected to reach 31.9% penetration this year.

BigCommerce launched its MSF service last year, granting enterprise merchants the power to create and oversee multiple storefronts within a single BigCommerce store. Brands such as Bullitt Group and Ted Baker have leveraged MSF to offer localized experiences to their customers.

The imminent enhancements will facilitate merchants to expedite their growth strategies by creating custom shopping experiences for all audiences without adding intricacies to everyday management.

“We recognize the growing demand for cross-border selling and understand the importance of effectively marketing to diverse audiences,” said Jon Woodall, Managing Director of Space 48, a BigCommerce agency partner. He believes this feature will enable their customers to capitalize on opportunities and extend their reach to flourishing international markets, driving impressive growth and cementing themselves as global leaders.

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Tommaso Galmacci, a digital commerce consultant at Adiacent, a BigCommerce partner, praised the company’s move to address the complexities small businesses face when selling internationally, stating, “BigCommerce recognizes these challenges, and these new enhancements will help our customers, whether they are B2B or B2C businesses, take an omnichannel approach to reach their audiences everywhere.”

Overall, BigCommerce’s latest international enhancements for multi-storefront is an excellent opportunity for small business owners looking to reach a larger global audience. By making cross-border selling easier, it allows small businesses to penetrate new markets and grow at a previously challenging scale.

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