Construction Industry Gets a New Tool With The Launch of HP SitePrint

The HP SitePrint is now available in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland for the construction industry. The robotic solution, designed to print complex construction site layouts with impeccable precision, is said to boost productivity up to tenfold compared to manual methods.

HP SitePrint is an attractive tool for small construction firms looking to leverage cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and gain a competitive edge. With several high-profile clients already utilizing the technology, including Skanska, Greenhatch Group, Level 5 Drywall, and PDC Incorporated, HP SitePrint promises to accelerate the layout process and reduce labor costs.

HP SitePrint has proven its effectiveness across various projects in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, and Norway. Gerardo Rivera, COO of L5 Drywall Inc., recalls a competition between HP SitePrint and a four-person manual layout team. “The HP solution laid out seven or eight rooms in the time it took the manual team to do two or three,” Rivera said. “With HP SitePrint you can help eliminate mistakes and move weeks ahead in your schedule.”

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This solution is arriving at a crucial time for the construction industry, a sector representing almost 10% of the world’s GDP. Despite its economic significance, the industry has faced significant challenges in productivity and human resourcing. As per McKinsey, while labor productivity in manufacturing has grown an average of 3.6 percent annually over the past two decades, construction has only increased by 1 percent, mainly due to the slow adoption of digital technologies.

HP SitePrint aims to address these challenges by integrating digital technology into construction site operations. The solution’s new features include improved sensors for obstacle detection, enhanced ink options for various surface types and conditions, compatibility with Robotic Total Stations from leading manufacturers, and optimized workflows. This streamlined approach allows layout professionals to focus on other tasks, while the robot autonomously completes the layout.

HP SitePrint’s rollout in North America and UKI markets will start from July 2023. Its success may herald a new era for the construction industry, making manual layout processes a thing of the past. With the integration of HP SitePrint, small construction businesses could see significant savings in labor and material costs, increased accuracy, and more efficient project timelines.

Daniel Martinez, General Manager of HP Large Format Printing, emphasized the potential of the product: “We’ve successfully demonstrated the ability to radically improve productivity when it comes to the layout process. SitePrint makes it faster and easier for construction professionals to bring an idea to life on site, while also providing layout accuracy and reducing costs.”

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