25 Creative DIY Business Sign Ideas

25 Creative DIY Business Sign Ideas

If you need to communicate a written message to your customers or colleagues, a sign can be a great option. You don’t have to spend tons of money on signs either. There are plenty of DIY ideas out there that you can use to creatively display your messages.

DIY Business Sign Ideas

Here are DIY business sign ideas to get you started.

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Wood Pallet Sign

25 Creative DIY Business Sign Ideas

If your business has a rustic vibe or you just want some classic signage around your business, you can nail together some wood pallets and then paint your message across the front.

Chalkboard Sign

Chalkboards make for great business signs, since you can change up the message regularly and even add some artistic elements. This is something you can purchase and then customize, or make your own using chalkboard paint.

Fabric Banner

For a more homemade touch, paint or stitch a message onto fabric and hang it up at your location. You can even promote a classic or vintage vibe by creating a pennant shape for your sign.

3D Letter Marquee

For short messages that you want to really stand out, customize cardboard or wood letters with paint or even some string lights.

Signs on Equipment

Want your sign to really fit with the vibe of your business? Display it on something that you use every day. For restaurants, you can paint messages onto plates or serving platters. If you have a hardware store, use the flat part of a saw. This concept can apply to any number of businesses.

Arrow Sign

If your sign is directing people toward a specific location, like restrooms for example, you can cut an arrow sign out of wood or another material and then draw or paint your message onto that shape.

Rope Sign

25 Creative DIY Business Sign Ideas

You could also use rope to spell out a short word or phrase and then attach that rope to a board or wall. This can be especially useful for businesses with a rustic or nautical vibe.

Neon Letters

For a more eye-catching look, you can purchase neon wire in a specific color, then arrange it to spell out a word or phrase so that your message lights up.

Painted Window

If you want your message to be visible from multiple angles, you could use some washable paint and add it right onto the windows of your storefront or use some recycled glass to create indoor signage.

Framed Sign

A more classic option, you could simply draw or paint a sign onto paper and then add it to a frame that fits with your business’s style and hang it up as you would a piece of art.

Hanging Doorway Sign

For small signs that you want to stand out, attach a bracket to the wall outside of a doorway and then add a small hand-painted sign that hangs below it.

Light Projector Sign

For a sign that really lights up your business, create a small stencil of your message that you can put around a lampshade. Then when you turn the light on, the shadows created by that stencil should project your message onto a nearby wall.

Bunting Banner

25 Creative DIY Business Sign Ideas

To spell out a short phrase, you can create a bunting banner with fabric and ribbon, then include one letter on each banner.

Scrabble Tile Sign

You can also attach Scrabble tiles that spell out your message onto a board that you can put on display. If you want to create a larger display, use wood to recreate the look of the tiles, but paint on your own letters.

Canvas Sign

Canvas is a popular material for paintings and art. So if you want to create a sign that includes lots of artistic elements using it and then hang it as you would with artwork.

Tabletop Sign

If you have a restaurant or business with tables, you can paint messages directly onto those tabletops.

Refurbished Antique Sign

For businesses that have a vintage or antique vibe, head to an antique store to find old signs, platters, or other flat surfaces. Then you can strip or paint over the surface and add your message to it.

A-Frame Sign

If you want a sign to display outside of your business, you can make your own a-frame sign by attaching two boards together and propping them against one another.

Floral Marquee Letters

25 Creative DIY Business Sign Ideas

If you want a very decorative or feminine feel for your sign, use some cardboard or wood letters and add some foam to the inside so that you can secure flowers throughout the centers of each letter. Use artificial flowers if you want the sign to stay up for awhile.

Living Plants Sign

For a more natural look, create a living plants sign that includes low-maintenance plants like succulents inside of 3D letters.

Recycled Materials Sign

For eco-friendly businesses, head to the junkyard or flea market to find some materials that you can give new life to. Arrange those items along your wall to spell out a short word or phrase, attaching them with brackets or wall hooks.

Balloon Letters

If you want to create a temporary sign for an event or promotion, get a bunch of balloons and arrange them into letters to spell out your message.

Wreath Sign

For short signs to display on a door or entryway, you can create a decorative wreath for the season and then include a small banner across the front of it that includes your message.

Door Mat Signage

You can even purchase a plain door mat and use stencils and spray paint to add a pertinent message for people to read as they arrive.

Wall Mural

Finally, you can even paint signs directly onto the walls of your business. Of course, this will need to be something you plan on displaying for a long time. It’s also a good idea for you to sketch out the sign first so you know you like the look of it before committing.

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