What is the Best Local Selling App in 2023?

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Are you looking for a way to make some extra cash, or do you have unwanted items you’re hoping to unload? You don’t have to worry about setting up an online storefront or calculating shipping costs if you sell items locally. You also don’t have to hold a traditional yard sale or post classified ads in the local newspaper, since there are plenty of apps to sell stuff within your local market.

Keep reading to learn about 25 of the best-selling apps to make money in your local community.

Why Should You Sell Items Locally?

Why should you sell items online to local buyers? There are a variety of benefits of using the most popular selling apps to make money locally, including:

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Simplicity – Most selling apps are easy to use, and listing items for sale is a simple process.

Profitability – When you sell your stuff online outside of your local market, you have to account for shipping fees, which cuts into your profits.

Variety – There are so many apps available for selling items locally, and sellers have plenty of variety to choose what best suits their needs.

Quick Cash – Selling stuff you already own is a quick way to raise some needed cash in a pinch, especially since selling apps enable you to list your items, make the sale and collect payment quickly.

Sustainability – When you resell items you own, you not only earn money but make the items available for someone else to reuse or recycle, promoting sustainability.

SimplicityMost selling apps offer user-friendly interfaces, making listing items for sale a simple and straightforward process.
ProfitabilitySelling locally eliminates shipping fees, allowing you to retain more profits from the sale of your items.
VarietyNumerous selling apps cater to different needs, offering sellers a wide range of options to find the best fit.
Quick CashSelling items you already own provides a fast way to earn needed cash, with selling apps facilitating swift transactions.
SustainabilityReselling your belongings promotes sustainability by giving others the chance to reuse or recycle the items.

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Top Local Selling App Options in 2023

Just because you’re selling items online, that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on customers in your local community. You can use some of the most popular selling apps to sell all your old stuff, including everything from cell phones to baby items to cars, to a local interested buyer.

local selling app

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you already use the Facebook app, then Facebook Marketplace can be an appealing option for selling stuff locally. The free app allows sellers to list products and manage conversations with potential customers. Plus, when a business profile posts items for sale with the Meta Marketplace, users gain access to a unified shopping experience for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger that makes it easier for customers to discover and buy products.

2. eBay App

eBay’s popular eCommerce platform offers a local selling feature and the mobile eBay app, which allows sellers to reach its massive customer base right from their mobile devices to sell items locally.

3. Poshmark App

One of the best-selling apps for designer goods, Poshmark includes a feature for local “poshers” to sell new or used clothing, shoes and handbags from each other. Just take a picture of the item you want to sell, list it on the app along with its price, and wait for a buyer to snatch it up. And if you want to sell something on the platform, here is how to make money on Poshmark.

4. OfferUp App

Since combining with the LetGo marketplace, OfferUp has become one of the most popular selling apps, offering users the chance to sell anything from cars to potted plants directly to local customers. Repeat buyers even earn rewards, so the marketplace is made up of users ready to purchase.

local selling app

5. Decluttr App

Want to sell your stuff but don’t think you have the patients to wait for an interested buyer? The Decluttr app might be your perfect solution. Just post your product for sale on the Decluttr app, where it will be instantly evaluated for a sale. If you go along with the price, Decluttr sends you a free prepaid shipping label to send the product via UPS.

6. Craigslist App

Craiglist remains one of the most popular platforms for selling to local buyers since it’s basically an online classified ads website categorized by cities. Users can either post their items for sale on the main Craigslist website, or they can download a third-party app like CPlus to sell locally from their mobile devices.

7. Nextdoor

Nextdoor is another great app for selling locally. Members use it to sell items within a specific neighborhood or city. Not only is it free to download the Nextdoor app, but there also are no listing and selling fees. Small businesses, however, can pay to advertise items for sale or rent.

local selling app

8. Tradesy

An easy-to-use app, Tradesy allows fashion lovers to upload a few photos of clothing they no longer want and sell it to other users who can see the items in their own closets. Tradesy then provides sellers with a pre-paid shipping label for a flat fee, so sellers always know what to expect from their transactions.

9. Etsy

One of the best apps to sell handmade and vintage items, Etsy includes a local search feature, so sellers can market their products to nearby customers. Of course, Etsy users also can choose to sell their products around the world to an almost unlimited audience. Be aware that Etsy charges a listing fee whether or not the item sells.

10. Vinted

If you want to start selling clothing and unclutter your closet, Vinted is an app to consider since it’s solely dedicated to the sale of jewelry and second-hand clothes. Users can close sales quickly by posting photos and chatting with potential buyers. It’s free to join, and Vinted charges no listing fees.

11. Depop

Depop users rely on the app to sell clothes, and the community focuses on handmade, creative and vintage items. The Depop app stands apart from many competitors by allowing sellers to showcase their products using video, so they can make even more money selling clothing, accessories and other items.

12. 5miles

Focuses specifically on local selling, the 5miles app uses a phone’s location tracking feature to target the closest potential buyers. Users can sell items in a variety of categories, and they enjoy safety features like identity verification. 5miles also features a social element, allowing users to like items for sale and follow their favorite sellers.

local selling app

13. Wallapop

Branded as a virtual flea market, Wallapop users easily can sell a variety of second-hand goods simply by posting a photo of each item and connecting with buyers. The free Wallapop app appeals to local buyers and sellers since items closest to users are displayed to them first.

More Great Apps to Sell Stuff Locally

Whether you are trying to cash in on big-ticket items or the smallest trinkets, there are plenty of other selling apps to attract potential buyers in your local area. Before you start listing your items for sale in your local marketplace, consider these other apps and the features they offer.

14. SocialSell

Another of the most popular resale apps, SocialSell lets users buy and sell new and used items in a variety of different categories, including clothing, antiques, memorabilia and even automotive. Sellers even can privately chat with potential buyers from within the app.

15. VarageSale

Using VarageSale is like visiting a series of online garage sales, and – much like at a garage sale – they can sell practically anything. Not only is VarageSale one of the best apps to sell locally, but it also includes an identity verification feature to ensure safety when making transactions.

16. Shpock

Shpock provides a mobile platform for buying and selling a variety of used items. Buyers can browse by category or even see items on a map to find the most relevant items nearby. Shpock features free listings and no transaction fees on sales, but sellers can pay to promote their items if they need to close the deal fast.

17. Blinker

Are you hoping to sell your car online to a local buyer? Blinker offers a mobile platform where vehicle sellers can snap a photo, list their cars for sale and then directly converse with local buyers. Plus, Blinker is completely free to use.

18. Bag Borrow or Steal

If you want to make quick cash while unloading handbags from designer brands, then consider selling your items on Bag Borrow or Steal. The platform allows users to sell their used handbags to individuals via the website or sell them to the website directly. The store then inspects every bag received to ensure its quality.

19. Tradyo

Featuring both an online and a mobile platform, Tradyo helps users sell their items quickly. Sellers need only to take a few photos of the items for sale, determine their selling price, and write a short description. Then buyers can search for specific items within their ZIP codes to find the most relevant options.

20. Nearme

A mobile classified advertising platform, Nearme lets users sell electronics, furniture, cars and even real estate, as well as a variety of other second-hand items. Nearme users even have the option of placing their items for rent, so they can make money while retaining ownership.

21. Cashify

Those hoping to sell used mobile phones, computers or other electronics should consider the Cashify app, a platform where they quickly can list items and sell them to local buyers. Sellers even are paid instantly if they elect to receive direct deposit.

22. Carousell

A mobile platform designed specifically for person-to-person selling, Carousell lets users post a photo, chat with potential buyers and complete their sales with people in their neighborhoods. The app is designed to bring buyers and sellers together, so it doesn’t process transactions. Instead, buyers pay when they meet to exchange the item, or they can arrange payment via PayPal.

23. Chairish

Another great app for locally selling furniture, Chairish offers a platform where users can list items like vintage and used furniture, art and decor for sale. There are no listing fees, and sellers are promised to keep at least 80% of their profits.

24. Recycler

Yet another popular online selling app, Recycler is a free platform for selling niche items like vehicles, pets, firearms, real estate and furniture. Home to millions of listings, Recycler features listings for both commercial and private sales of goods and services.

25. Instagram

It might not be known primarily as a selling platform, but Instagram is quickly becoming a popular place to sell stuff online. Just take some quality photos of the items you want to sell, write a brief product description, including your price, and use some trending hashtags, such as #forsale, and you’ll soon attract plenty of potential buyers.

What Is the Easiest Way to Sell Locally?

Traditionally, local sales occurred at physical locations, including garage sales, flea markets and local consignment shops. Modern sellers, however, can arrange for local sales without ever leaving their homes. Apps like Facebook, Wallapop and Nearme allow users to list items for sale within their local market and arrange for local pickup with their buyers. Other apps, such as Decluttr, will even provide sellers with a free shipping label so they can expand their reach while avoiding shipping costs.

What Is the Best App to Sell Stuff Locally?

There are many apps available to sell stuff locally, and the list grows longer every day. A few of the best apps to sell stuff to local buyers include Facebook Marketplace, eBay, OfferUp and Poshmark. The app most specifically dedicated to local selling, however, has got to be 5miles, since it uses a phone’s location tracking feature to target the closest potential buyers.

Is It Better to Sell Stuff Online or Locally?

Those hoping to make extra money from selling their stuff might think they have to choose whether to sell online or locally. Instead of pondering whether it’s better to sell stuff online or locally, why not experience the best of both worlds? Many apps now are available that let users list their products for sale using an online platform, but market their items within their local communities. If you plan to add money to your bank account by selling items you already own, consider using any of the above apps to sell both online and locally.


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