New Zoom Scheduler Tool Will Boost Small Business Efficiency


Zoom Video Communications Inc. announced its new scheduling tool, Zoom Scheduler, is available while extending its free signup period until July 20, 2023. The launch of this tool and its subsequent free trial period highlights the company’s continued commitment to simplifying collaboration and streamlining operations for businesses.

“Customers repeatedly expressed their need for a convenient method of scheduling appointments without the necessity of leaving the Zoom platform. We’ve answered their calls with Zoom Scheduler,” said Joseph Chong, Head of Product, Solutions, and Industry Marketing at Zoom. “In response to the positive feedback we’ve received, we are providing Zoom Scheduler free of charge for an additional month.”

Aligning calendars, particularly with external customers or clients, can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Zoom Scheduler aims to resolve this issue by allowing users to generate and share windows of availability for others to book appointments conveniently. This streamlined process means businesses can focus more on preparing for meetings or taking necessary breaks, thereby enhancing productivity.

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Upon scheduling a meeting, Zoom Scheduler automatically includes a Zoom Meetings link on the host’s preferred calendar, be it Zoom Mail and Calendar, Google Calendar, or Microsoft 365. This integration saves time for both parties involved.

The tool’s notable features include scheduling one-on-one or group meetings, recurring or custom availability, generating available slots, automating and customizing email notifications, and collecting preferred information during the attendee booking process.

Zoom Scheduler integrates seamlessly with Zoom Calendar, which provides a sidebar view alongside the Zoom desktop client. This allows users to view participant attendance in real time. After the meeting, any shared files remain available in the Calendar invite for future reference.

In the words of Gabe Moronta from Visla, “Zoom Scheduler offers easy, no-effort integration with the rest of the Zoom platform. It has all the features, settings, and capabilities I need.”

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Regardless of their subscription status, Zoom users can try out the Zoom Scheduler for free before July 19, 2023. Starting July 20, 2023, the tool will be available as an add-on for $5.99/month per user. It will also be included in the Zoom One Business Plus and Enterprise Plus plans. This move underlines Zoom’s dedication to simplifying communication and enhancing the productivity of small businesses.

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