Oracle NetSuite Unveils Account Reconciliation


In a move set to revolutionize small business account reconciliation and transaction matching procedures, Oracle NetSuite has unveiled its latest product, NetSuite Account Reconciliation. This addition to NetSuite’s cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite is designed to standardize and automate reconciliation processes, bolster internal financial controls, refine financial statement accuracy, and expedite closure times.

Enhancing Small Business Accounting Efficiency

Reconciliation of general ledger accounts is often one of the most convoluted aspects of financial closure and compliance risk. Addressing this, Gary Wiessinger, Senior Vice President of NetSuite Application Development at Oracle NetSuite, stated that the new product leverages enterprise-grade technology to simplify this crucial process.

The new tool is anticipated to boost efficiency, ensure financial statement accuracy, and amplify the value of NetSuite for users. As part of the NetSuite cloud ERP suite, the Account Reconciliation feature will automate reconciliation processes for various balance sheet accounts, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank transactions, credit card transactions, fixed assets accounts, intercompany transactions, and others.

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Benefits of NetSuite Account Reconciliation

The new solution streamlines manual, spreadsheet-heavy closure processes across all accounting and finance functions, offering instantaneous visibility into the reconciliation process. This allows organizations to direct time and resources towards analysis, risk mitigation, and handling exceptions.

NetSuite Account Reconciliation also reinforces internal controls and compliance, ensuring that reconciliations are not overlooked or misplaced, and that all necessary information is available for global auditability.

Furthermore, it improves the accuracy of financial statements and accelerates the speed of closure cycles. Inconsistencies and risks associated with balance sheet substantiation for period closure and quarterly and annual audits are eradicated.

Streamlining Reconciliation Processes for Small Businesses

The solution’s introduction has been welcomed by businesses like Rayburn Electric Cooperative. Stephanie Hunt, Corporate Controller at the non-profit generation and transmission utility, praised NetSuite Account Reconciliation for eliminating the need for manual balance sheet reconciliations in Excel. She emphasized that the tool provides a real-time, accurate view of their financial position, enabling the team to focus on value-adding activities for their members and communities.

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NetSuite Account Reconciliation also offers a single platform for managing and viewing the period and reconciliation status and details of each account. This includes balance comparisons and explanations, preparers, reviewers, and sign-off dates.

Seamless Integration, Pre-built Templates, and More

Notably, NetSuite ERP and NetSuite Account Reconciliation are seamlessly integrated. This allows accounting teams to swiftly and securely access NetSuite general ledger data and address any items requiring reconciliation.

Additionally, the solution provides 20 pre-built reconciliation templates and formats to help accelerate the process and improve consistency. It features a powerful transaction matching engine, capable of automatically matching millions of transactions in mere minutes. It also includes a secure document repository to ensure compliance and facilitate global audits.

In a world where small businesses are striving to maximize efficiency, Oracle NetSuite’s Account Reconciliation promises to be a game-changing solution that will significantly streamline and automate account reconciliation and transaction matching processes.

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