Twilio and Frame AI Join Forces to Improve Contact Center Experience with AI

Twilio Inc. and Frame AI have announced their partnership to leverage AI for enhanced customer experiences via Twilio Flex in a move that will likely benefit small businesses looking to refine their customer engagement strategy.

Twilio Flex, a cloud-based digital engagement solution, provides personalized interactions across contact centers, sales, and in-app concierge. Frame AI’s platform will help Twilio Flex supply key insights and recommendations, enabling decision-makers to optimize contact center operations, thereby improving overall customer experiences.

The announcement follows Twilio’s recent introduction of CustomerAI, a product integrating large language models (LLMs) and rich customer data. By incorporating Frame AI, businesses can better comprehend their customers’ needs and deliver deeper value through insights, recommendations, and context shared across the platform.

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The collaboration between Twilio and Frame AI will bolster AI-powered insights, transforming the contact center experience. Frame AI will empower Flex customers with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), enabling them to analyze customer intent and case severity, build and monitor reports, and make critical decisions. The platform can also apply generative AI to summarize cases and share recommendations, assisting companies in monitoring their areas of interest.

Upon the AI model’s deployment, businesses will gain access to reports monitoring top intents, topics, overall costs, and advice on improving operations, such as reassigning agents or updating training programs. This feature will facilitate contact center executives in understanding and acting on critical feedback and business intelligence that arises within contact centers.

“Contact centers are the eyes and ears of an enterprise, but the data they generate is undervalued and underutilized,” said George Davis, CEO of Frame AI. “Our integration with Twilio’s CustomerAI will allow contact center leaders to rapidly identify opportunities to reduce costs, build more valuable customer relationships, and make their data a force multiplier for the rest of their organization.”

With growing customer expectations and businesses needing to reduce costs, the union of Twilio and Frame AI is expected to enable contact center managers to decrease operational costs while enhancing consumer experiences.

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“In the past couple of years, artificial intelligence (AI) changed the game in the contact center,” states a recent report authored by Max Ball, Forrester Principal Analyst.“*…AI significantly enhances quality management and provides new insights through smarter analytics.”

Twilio and Frame AI uphold the responsible and secure use of AI, ensuring companies have full transparency and control over the data that informs AI-powered interactions with their customers.

Twilio and Frame AI’s partnership dates back to 2022, when Twilio Ventures invested in Frame AI’s Series A extension round. Both companies are devoted to developing cutting-edge solutions for developers and customer engagement applications, which can help small businesses tailor their customer service operations.

Image: Twilio

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