Where to Find Used Farm Equipment

There’s some good news if you’re looking for used farm equipment. Farm Equipment.com reports price increases are leveling off. Here’s more positive info if you’re looking for a used tractor or combine. The global agricultural and farm machinery market size is projected to reach $485.7 Billion by 2032.

This blog will provide everything else you need to know about where to find used balers, seeders, and sprayers as you learn how to start a farm, from where to get the good deals to the brands to look for, and how to save the most money.

Why Buy Used Farm Equipment

used farm equipment

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The benefits of buying used farm equipment, particularly those from renowned brands like John Deere, are plentiful. It’s not just a matter of cost-saving; several other factors make it a smart, practical decision, especially for beginners. Below are some of these advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: Undeniably, the most noticeable benefit of buying used farm equipment is its savings. The cost of new farm machinery can be quite steep. In contrast, used equipment, including top-quality brands like John Deere, comes at a much lower price. This affordability allows farmers to allocate funds to other crucial aspects of their farm operations.
  • Durability: Brand-name machinery such as John Deere is known for its long-lasting performance. Even used, these machines can provide many more years of service. This reliability makes used equipment a good choice, particularly for beginners who might not have the budget for brand-new equipment.
  • Backup Machinery: Used farm machinery can serve as a great backup option. If your newer tractors or machines break down, having these backup machines can ensure your farm operations continue without interruption. This is especially beneficial during peak farming seasons, where a breakdown could result in significant losses.
  • Lower Depreciation: Farm equipment depreciates slower when it’s purchased used. This slower depreciation rate allows farmers to recover a considerable portion, if not all, of their initial investment when it’s time to sell the equipment. Farmers can sometimes even sell the machinery for the same price they bought it.
  • Tested and Proven: Used machinery has already been field-tested, so you’re less likely to encounter initial manufacturing defects. You can also often find reviews and feedback from previous owners, which can provide more insight into the equipment’s performance and reliability.
  • Variety: The used equipment market typically has a wider variety of models and types of machinery. This variety lets you choose the equipment that perfectly fits your farming needs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Lastly, buying used equipment is a more sustainable choice. It extends the life cycle of machinery, reducing the demand for new manufacturing and, consequently, the consumption of resources.

Buying used farm equipment is a practical, economical, and environmentally-friendly choice, particularly for beginners in farming. It offers significant savings, robust performance, and slower depreciation rates, among other benefits.

Saving Costs with Used Farming Equipment

used farm equipment

Learning how to make money farming also involves finding ways to reduce expenses. Buying used farm equipment can offer significant cost savings, but knowing how to find and secure the best deals is key to maximizing those savings. Here are several strategies to get the most out of your purchase:

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  • Check for Extras: Find out if the used equipment comes with extras such as attachments, weights, and manuals. These are valuable additions that can enhance the equipment’s functionality and value. If they’re included at no additional cost, it’s a great deal. Moreover, if you don’t need these extra items, you can resell them for extra profit.
  • Explore Unexpected Places: You can often find great deals in unexpected places. Keep an eye on out-of-the-way auction sales, local newspaper ads, and equipment displayed for sale on rural roads. Such sales are often less crowded, meaning less competition and potentially better prices.
  • Be Ready to Move Quickly: If you find a good deal, don’t hesitate. Motivated sellers often offer a deal to the first person who arrives with the cash on hand. Being ready to move quickly can help you secure the best deals before others can react.
  • Inspect the Equipment: Always inspect the equipment before buying it. This includes checking for any signs of extensive wear and tear, damage, or potential problems that might lead to costly repairs in the future. A thorough inspection can help you avoid bad deals and unexpected expenses.
  • Negotiate the Price: Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the seller. They may be willing to lower the price to make the sale, especially if the equipment has been on the market for a while. It’s a good idea to research fair prices for the used equipment model you’re interested in to ensure you’re getting a good deal.
  • Check Maintenance Records: Ask the seller for maintenance and repair records. Well-maintained machinery tends to last longer and perform better, saving you money in the long run.
  • Consider Off-Season Buying: Prices for used farming equipment tend to drop when demand is lower in the off-season. Planning your purchases for these times can help you get better deals.

By following these strategies, you can find quality used farm equipment at the best prices, maximizing your savings and boosting your farming profits.

Sustainability and Used Farming Equipment

Buying used equipment is a good idea for environmental reasons too. Purchasing used tractors means no new raw materials or energy will be needed for manufacturing new equipment.

Key Considerations when Buying Used Farming Equipment

You want to have a strategy when buying used farm equipment. Selecting the right products and suppliers for your farming operation can help you increase yields and optimize your farm for the most profitable crops. The following suggestions can help you put together a plan.

Assessing the Condition of Used Farm Equipment

Safety is a priority when buying this type of equipment for your farm. A tractor or another piece of machinery must be checked for the number of hours logged.

Understanding the True Value of Used Agricultural Equipment

Ritchie Bros supplies some excellent information on used agricultural equipment. For example, farmers often trust one brand name and keep buying it. However, lesser-known and expensive brands of equipment can be just as good for a variety of agricultural business ideas.

Top Places to Find Used Farm Equipment for Sale

Following is a list of some top places to buy a tractor or other types of used farm equipment.


used farm equipment

Farms.com supplies a keyword-boosted search engine for everything from attachments to backhoes. Search by price, model, year, and or location for your agricultural needs.

Koenig Equipment

used farm equipment

Koenig Equipment has certified technicians that professionally tune the used equipment they sell. Full inspections are done on all the farm equipment before anything goes up for sale.


used farm equipment

Get financing and even priority placement if you sell this type of agriculture equipment. The tractors are categorized by horsepower. Plus, there are attachments and parts listed.

Ritchie Bros

used farm equipment

This is a big name in used farm equipment. The Ritchie Bros auction sites deal with everything from industrial machinery to agriculture equipment.

The Ritchie Bros website lists what’s for sale by top categories.


used farm equipment

Find used equipment here. Plus, you can search dealers if your farm needs a New Holland tractor or harvester.

Farm Equipment USA

used farm equipment

Shop new or used. You can shop by brand or even look through the newly added inventory.


used farm equipment

They focus on the entire agriculture marketplace. AgriSeek sells everything from animals, crops, and plants to used equipment.

TITAN Machinery

used farm equipment

They sell both new and used agriculture and farm tools. Featured brands include New Holland.

Quality Equipment LLC

used farm equipment

They specialize in new and used John Deere harvesters, tractors, etc.

Heritage Tractor

used farm equipment

Heritage Tractor is a used farm equipment dealer that began in 1998 on a 17-acre property. They also offer lawn and garden and construction choices.


used farm equipment

USFarmer.com highlights used farm equipment in a convenient way. There are drop-down menus for used equipment searches as well as a dealer menu. There’s also a subcategory that includes popular equipment like backhoes, dealers, and cultivators as well as front-end loaders.

Equipment Trader

used farm equipment

Buy or sell through this website. A lot of what they have to sell is industrial equipment like forklifts. Scrolling down you will find a place to browse industries and a subsection for farming equipment. There are easy-to-follow links there for everything from harvesters to combines and balers.


used farm equipment

There is a category to look through the latest items for sale. This website has sections for specific types of used farm equipment like combine heads and even box spreaders. FarmCountryTrader.com also has listings for new and used recreational vehicles for sale. There is even a process to list what you have to put up on the marketplace that starts with a convenient tab on the website.

Local Dealers and Auctions

used farm equipment

Local dealers and auctions are excellent places to shop for used farm equipment. People in the local community understand the requirements. You can also inspect the equipment physically with these sellers.

Auctions are an excellent way to bid on used farm equipment if you’re on a budget. Competitive bidding can see prices drop.

Online Marketplaces

used farm equipment

Online marketplaces are a good way to find farm equipment for sale. You can see a wider selection of tractors, harvesters as well as other pieces of equipment. You can get detailed descriptions and photographs. You can set alerts through a mobile farm app or marketplace site to get informed of price drops.

Farms.comKeyword-boosted search engine for various equipment. Search by price, model, year, and location
Koenig EquipmentCertified technicians tune the used equipment. Full inspections are done before sale
TractorHouseFinancing available. Tractors are categorized by horsepower. Attachments and parts also listed
Ritchie BrosBig name in used farm equipment. Auctions for various types of equipment. Lists top categories for sale
FastlineFind used equipment and search dealers for specific brands
Farm Equipment USAOffers new and used equipment. Shop by brand or check newly added inventory
AgriSeekFocuses on the entire agriculture marketplace. Sells animals, crops, plants, and used equipment
TITAN MachinerySells new and used agriculture and farm tools. Featured brands include New Holland
Quality Equipment LLCSpecializes in new and used John Deere equipment
Heritage TractorOffers used farm equipment along with lawn and garden and construction choices
USFarmer.comHighlights used farm equipment in a convenient way with drop-down menus for searches
Equipment TraderAllows buying or selling of industrial and farming equipment. Easy-to-follow links for different types of equipment
FarmCountryTrader.comSections for specific types of used farm equipment. Also has listings for recreational vehicles
Local Dealers and AuctionsAllows for physical inspection of equipment. Competitive bidding can lead to lower prices
Online MarketplacesGood way to find a wide selection of farm equipment. Detailed descriptions and photographs available. Can set alerts for price drops

What are the Top Brands of used Farm Equipment, and How Can One Ensure Their Authenticity?

Buying used firm equipment from top-name suppliers like Massey Ferguson, New Holland and John Deere makes a difference. You want to make sure you’re buying authentic equipment. You can look for a number of factors like a rating with the local Better Business Bureau. Look for online platforms that can help you with buyer’s guides.

Don’t forget you can find the top brands from reputable auctioneers like The Ritchie Bros.

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