WordPress.com Introduces Five New Themes Tailored for Creators

The launch of five new themes from WordPress.com tailored for creators and more for blogging, photography, and entrepreneurial experience. These new themes not only aim to revamp the design of a WordPress site but also to bring to life the distinct voice of every blogger, photographer, restaurateur, and more.

The first theme, named after the late creative powerhouse George Lois, encapsulates his iconic style in its design. Its text-forward theme employs bold typography and colors, making it the perfect fit for bloggers who want to declutter their visual presentation while still making a statement.

Next is ‘Poema,’ inspired by Fernando Pessoa, the esteemed Portuguese writer, poet, and philosopher. Its minimalist design, featuring a black-and-white color scheme, is complemented by an elegant serif font. Poema offers carefully crafted templates with a comfortable content width and white space, creating an immersive reading experience—ideal for poetry appreciation.

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The third theme, ‘Archivo,’ is a creative marvel born out of a designer’s fascination with Documerica.org, a site that showcases public-domain photographs from the US Environmental Protection Agency. The theme uses a relatively small font and large featured images, allowing photography to play the leading role.

Bibimbap, named after the delicious Korean rice dish, is a lively theme designed with food-centric businesses like restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks in mind. It offers unique patterns for menus, locations, and food galleries, facilitating quick and efficient page design and construction.

Finally, the ‘Olymp’ theme, the only one among the new launches to be paid, is designed with WooCommerce users in mind. It offers a fresh, bold look for online retailers and features built-in patterns for various pages, eliminating the need to start from scratch when setting up an Olymp-themed site.

WordPress.com has also reintroduced third-party paid themes to its marketplace, available as a $79/year subscription.

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Installing these themes is straightforward—users can simply click on the desired theme’s name, leading them to the installation page, where clicking the “Activate this design” button will apply the theme to their site.

Premium themes are available at no extra charge for customers on the Premium plan or above. Meanwhile, the paid themes, being third-party products, can be purchased separately.

These newly launched themes reinforce WordPress.com’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging design options, catering to the varied tastes of its global user base. Whether you’re a small business owner seeking to revitalize your digital presence or a blogger eager to engage your audience better, these themes could provide the fresh perspective you need.

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