ADP’s Acquisition of Sora Streamlines HR Processes for Small Businesses

The recent acquisition by ADP® of Honu HR, Inc. DBA Sora promises to be a game-changer in the HR tech landscape, especially for smaller firms grappling with diverse business application integrations.

ADP, renowned for delivering human capital management (HCM) solutions globally, has added Sora’s advanced low-code intelligent workflow automation and data integration tool to its portfolio. Sora’s primary function is to unify various business applications, from HR to IT, enabling a cohesive and streamlined experience for all stakeholders, including employees, business owners, and HR professionals. This represents a significant leap in productivity and operational efficiency for small businesses.

Historically, integrating third-party data and HR tools has been cumbersome. Often, this manual process required the expertise of technical teams, diverting their attention from other vital business operations. Moreover, managing these integrations across multiple systems proved challenging. But with ADP’s latest acquisition, businesses can anticipate a more effortless experience.

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ADP’s acquisition promises HR teams the autonomy to craft and refine workflows, automating numerous core processes like communication, data collection, and beyond. Furthermore, Sora’s tech prowess extends to offer intelligent insights, guiding HR teams with tailored communication recommendations like timely onboarding task reminders, ensuring enhanced human connection and engagement.

The acquisition aligns perfectly with ADP’s consistent strategy of simplifying intricate HR processes via automation. Marrying Sora’s user-friendly platform with ADP’s robust HCM solutions, ADP positions itself to assist businesses of all scales. This partnership aims to minimize manual tasks, provide companies with actionable insights, foster business growth, and curate enriching experiences for their workforce.

Sreeni Kutam, President of Global Product and Innovation at ADP, expressed his enthusiasm, “We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Sora, as it underscores ADP’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and positions us at the forefront of the industry. The incorporation of Sora’s innovative workflow configurations and data integration capabilities into our offerings will enable ADP clients to remove friction in people processes and unlock new levels of productivity.”

Laura Del Beccaro, CEO and Co-Founder of Sora, mirrored this sentiment, emphasizing the collaboration’s potential. “After being an ADP Marketplace partner for the past three years, we are excited to officially join ADP’s team and work together to create an impactful experience for HR professionals and drive change in the world of work.  We look forward to the great opportunities we have ahead of us as we focus together on always designing for people.”

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This acquisition isn’t just about technology. ADP is also set to onboard the adept team at Sora, integrating them into ADP’s DataCloud division. Tools that promote integration, automation, and insight-driven decision-making will be crucial as small businesses navigate the future. With ADP’s acquisition of Sora, they’re well-positioned to serve this need, promising small business owners a future of enhanced HR processes and more time to focus on growth.

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