Fiverr Ramps Up Offerings with New Business Suite and Advanced Matching System


Fiverr International Ltd. has a new series of major product releases by setting its sights on reshaping how businesses and freelancers connect in a rapidly evolving gig economy.

Fiverr’s latest offerings respond to a mounting need for nimble business solutions as companies increasingly seek freelance talent. The announcement follows the recent launch of Fiverr Enterprise and Fiverr Certified and solid partnerships with industry giants like Amazon Ads and Stripe. Understanding these developments is crucial for small business owners, given the increasing reliance on freelance expertise for various business functions.

Micha Kaufman, founder and CEO of Fiverr, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to creating impactful products. He said, “We built the first Service-as-a-Product platform to reduce the time and complexity of hiring a freelancer online. Now we are tackling bigger projects, bigger businesses, and the most complex challenge of them all – quick, powerful, and effective matching.”

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Diving into the Business Suite

Fiverr’s new suite, aptly named Fiverr Business Solutions, is curated for the unique demands of mid to large-sized businesses. It’s a culmination of efforts spanning years, including the Fiverr Enterprise – a tool that simplifies freelance management processes for businesses. This ensures compliance and easy governance and addresses work misclassification issues. Additionally, Fiverr Certified offers large tech companies an opportunity to give smaller businesses access to certified freelance experts.

However, the pièce de résistance is the revamped Fiverr Pro. Formerly known as Fiverr Business, Fiverr Pro is an all-inclusive solution tailored for larger organizations. It promises advanced business tools blended with a curated selection of elite professional talent. New features promise heightened service quality, including Project Planning, enhanced payment options like NetTerms, and an intuitive administrative panel. The dashboard’s upgrades aim to streamline collaboration and communication, making it ideal for businesses aiming for efficient project execution with top-tier freelancers.

Leading global companies, including Amazon Ads, Stripe, Unilever, and Amdocs, already trust Fiverr Business Solutions. Their goal is simple: seamless access to the best freelance talent.

The Future of Matching: Fiverr Neo

Matching the right talent with the right project is an age-old challenge, further exacerbated by the paradox of choice. Kaufman acknowledged the complexity of this issue, saying, “Matching is more than just search and find. It’s about understanding the customer’s need and ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration between the client and freelancer.”

Small Business Deals

Fiverr’s answer to this is Fiverr Neo, a neural network-powered tool designed to redefine the user experience. The platform aims to discern customers’ needs accurately and match them with the best-suited professional. By harnessing advanced algorithms, Fiverr Neo promises a faster, more tailored, and improved user experience.

Fiverr is inviting its vast community to participate in the testing phase of Neo™, marking the initial step in its commitment to harness technology to serve its users better.

For small business owners, Fiverr’s latest innovations could signify more streamlined access to global talent and improved collaboration on the platform. As the freelance movement gains momentum, platforms like Fiverr continue to play an instrumental role in bridging the gap between businesses and freelance professionals.

Image: Fiverr

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