House Committee Seeks Clarity on SBA’s Disaster Response Following Maui Fires


Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX), who helms the House Committee on Small Business, has penned a letter to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator, Isabella Guzman, seeking detailed insights into the SBA’s disaster response measures following the devastating fires on the island of Maui.

The recent Maui fires have wreaked havoc, resulting in significant losses. The SBA, which has historically provided disaster loans since 1953 to support survivors in rebuilding their lives, has come under scrutiny. Concerns stem from reports by survivors from Maui who hint at an unsatisfactory government response in the wake of the catastrophe.

Excerpts from the letter voiced the committee’s distress, stating, “The House Committee on Small Business (the Committee) was saddened to see the destruction caused by fires on Maui, Hawaii. The lives lost can never be replaced. Survivors are now navigating tremendous recovery efforts. The Small Business Administration (SBA) assists survivors mainly though disaster loans that the Agency has provided since 1953.”

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However, with the Maui survivors voicing their dissatisfaction over governmental assistance, the committee finds itself compelled to probe deeper. “Unfortunately, Maui survivors are reporting a lackluster government response and thus the Committee seeks information and requests a staff level briefing on the SBA’s response to this tragedy,” the letter further reads.

The House Committee, fully cognizant of the myriad challenges faced during disaster mitigation efforts, recognizes the SBA’s integral role in aiding survivors during such dire circumstances. Yet, when the support system appears to falter, questions arise.

Ensuring that the resources and support mechanisms are in place and function seamlessly for the committee becomes paramount. Consequently, they’ve called upon the SBA for a comprehensive briefing to shed light on the administration’s disaster response efforts, especially regarding the Maui fires. This requested briefing is expected to be scheduled promptly, with a deadline set for August 31, 2023.

As the nation grapples with the aftermath of the Maui fires, the proactive stance adopted by the House Committee on Small Business highlights the importance of accountability and effective resource utilization during times of crisis. As the date for the briefing approaches, many will be keenly awaiting insights into the SBA’s role and its efficacy in extending much-needed support to the affected communities in Maui.

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