RingCentral Boosts Video Services Through Acquisition of Hopin’s Key Platforms

RingCentral, Inc. has acquired certain prime assets from Hopin, a major player in online audience engagement technology. Among these assets, Hopin’s standout Events platform and Session product offer distinct capabilities for businesses to organize and interact through virtual and hybrid events.

This move comes at a time when small businesses are increasingly exploring virtual methods of operation and engagement. The ability to conduct smooth virtual meetings, webinars, and broader events without geographical constraints is paramount for enterprises aiming for global reach and flexibility.

Hopin Events is a comprehensive event management tool designed to aid businesses in designing, orchestrating, and revisiting virtual or hybrid event experiences. Hopin Events is a one-stop solution for hosting conferences, multi-track sessions, networking endeavors, and even facilitating sponsor booths. Complementing this is the Hopin Session platform, renowned for turning regular meetings into immersive, tailored, and captivating experiences.

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Johnny Boufarhat, the mind behind Hopin, remarked on this pivotal development, “We’ve built a world-leading events platform trusted by both internal and customer-facing teams at large enterprises and SMBs around the world. We are thrilled to see the technology that Hopin has been developing over the years find a new home with RingCentral, a recognized UCaaS and CCaaS leader. We’re excited about RingCentral’s plans to grow and invest in the Events and Session platforms as we pursue our vision of building a Community Suite for creators and influencers.”

For small businesses, the implications of this acquisition are manifold:

  1. Expanded Choice: With the acquisition, RingCentral amplifies its video service arsenal, empowering businesses with many specialized video use cases, especially around interactive events. This means businesses can pick and choose the best fit for their needs.
  2. Cost-Effective Solutions: RingCentral’s extended video suite is touted to offer competitive pricing, a boon for budget-conscious small businesses.

Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of RingCentral, said, “We see an opportunity to redefine how video communication is experienced. This acquisition is a key next step in our journey to deliver more personalized and engaging video meetings and events for customers. We expect the technology and outstanding talent from Hopin will accelerate our ability to achieve these goals and help us differentiate our entire video portfolio.”

It’s evident that the digital communication realm is undergoing rapid evolution. As RingCentral and Hopin join forces, small businesses stand to gain through enhanced video solutions, enabling them to compete effectively in today’s interconnected business ecosystem. The specifics of the deal remain confidential.

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