Small Businesses Offered a Lifeline with the Launch of “Profit Power Series”

Financial expert Sue Canyon of “Business is Booming!” unveiled her “Profit Power Series.” This series aims to equip small business owners with indispensable tools to avoid bankruptcy and run successful operations. This comes as the startling bankruptcy statistics this year.

Canyon says, “Bankruptcy filings spiked this year, and most small businesses aren’t doing well.” This perturbing fact has a silver lining, though, as she assures, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Sue Canyon isn’t new to the business world. Having been tutored by a business magnate from a Fortune 500 company early in her career, she harnessed that invaluable knowledge, spending the next three decades sharpening her business-turnaround expertise. She’s collaborated with hundreds of businesses throughout the years, offering counsel to owners and their workforce.

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The data suggests a 68% increase in business bankruptcies, making 2023 a grim milestone, the most significant surge in Chapter 11 filings in over ten years. Yet, Canyon warns that the actual scenario might be direr than the numbers project. Alterations in governmental data collection exclude several sole proprietorships. Furthermore, these stats do not include many businesses that evaded the bankruptcy route yet failed.

Canyon addresses an alarming trend: many businesses, dubbed by her as the “Walking Dead,” are crumbling while still operational. Owners pump every financial resource at their disposal into these “zombie businesses”— retirement savings, additional mortgages, college funds, and maxing out credit cards. “With inflation and skyrocketing interest rates,” Canyon remarks, “it’s unsurprising that we’re witnessing this tidal wave of small business bankruptcies.”

Recognizing small businesses’ hurdles, Canyon curated the Profit Power Series to serve as a beacon of hope. This comprehensive training tool equips entrepreneurs with a tried-and-true system, enabling them to fortify their operations. “The Profit Power Series instructs business owners on integrating a holistic business system,” Canyon highlights. Entrepreneurs can progressively fortify their business infrastructure as they progress through the chapters.

Highlights of what the Profit Power Series promises include:

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  • Techniques for significant cost reduction.
  • Strategies for optimizing operations.
  • Methods for recruiting and retaining competent employees.
  • Tactical planning for sustained business growth.
  • Expertise in financial forecasting.
  • Mastery in operations management.
  • Techniques to pinpoint costs and ensure profitable margins.
  • Methods to adeptly manage expansion.
  • Continuous quality enhancement.

Emphasizing the practicality and applicability of the series, Canyon remarks, “It’s not rocket science, but it is science, the well-established science of business.” When the Profit Power system is holistically incorporated, businesses can anticipate smoother operations, and heightened employee commitment, and owners can relish the perks of successful business ownership with added leisure.

For small business owners seeking a lifeline in today’s tumultuous financial waters, Sue Canyon’s Profit Power Series might just be the beacon they’ve been searching for.

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