It’s Time to Create a Marketing Video, Small Business Owners: Don’t Miss These 5 Reasons!

5 Key Signs it is Time to Create a Marketing Video for Your Small Business

Video has become an indispensable part of the small business marketing toolkit.  It may be time to create a marketing video, small business owners!  These signs indicate you’ve waited long enough on video marketing.

It’s Time to Create a Marketing Video When…

In fact Hubspot, reports 96 percent of B2B companies use video for marketing. Small Business Trends spoke with Intralink Global’s CEO and Founder, Diane Primo, to get her take on five key reasons to create a marketing video for your small business.

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  • Public Relations Disaster: Address and emotionally connect with your audience during a PR crisis.
  • Natural Crisis or Product Recall: Quickly disseminate important information during emergencies.
  • Common Product Problem: Respond promptly to frequently reported product issues.
  • Marketing an Intangible Experience: Showcase experiences that are hard to convey with just words.
  • You Haven’t Made One Yet: Introduce and explain your products and services through visual means.

You Have A Public Relations Disaster

In our modern, interconnected world, the impact of a PR disaster cannot be understated.

“If there’s a disaster, that’s a sign you need to be doing a video,” says Primo.

She feels it’s crucial to address not just the facts, but also the emotions. Incidents like the one involving United Airlines, where a passenger suffered unjust treatment, become emblematic.

Although the initial response from the airline was slow, it did eventually address the issue. Primo says the video apology that came from the CEO captured the essence of genuine remorse. It not only acknowledged the event but laid out actionable plans for the future, showcasing corporate responsibility.

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However, relying solely on written communication might not always suffice.

“Do not hide behind text and/or PR releases,”

she warns. While they have their place, a deeper, more genuine connection is often needed in crisis moments. Video, with its visual cues, offers a level of trust and authenticity unmatched by other mediums.

“The trust element is really rebuilt here using video,” she highlights.

You’re Responding to a Natural Crisis or Product Recall

In the wake of a natural disaster or a significant product malfunction, effective communication is of the essence.

Small businesses, particularly vulnerable to the repercussions of such events, have the challenge of relaying information to various stakeholders.

Primo notes that many organizations rely on manuals in these situations. However, she argues that while detailed, they might not always be the most accessible or effective means of communication during distressing times.

In contrast, videos are intuitive and direct, offering solace and direction simultaneously. A manual might delve deep into protocols, but a well-made video can simplify and humanize these instructions. Primo’s suggestion is simple yet profound.

“If they can Google the question and the answer comes up, you can even refer them to the manual,” she advises.

time to create a marketing video small business

Your Customers are Experiencing a Common Product Problem

With the rise of digital platforms, customer feedback is instantaneous. This immediacy can be a double-edged sword for businesses, especially when a product fault becomes apparent.

Video emerges as a beacon of clarity in these situations. Not only does it offer a medium for acknowledgment but also provides a platform for resolution.

Small businesses, ever reliant on their reputation, should remain vigilant, monitoring feedback on their digital assets. The ability to quickly address and resolve issues via video underscores a brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

You’re Trying to Market an Experience That’s Hard to Put Into Words

The realm of experiential marketing often defies traditional description. Words can only convey so much, and in such scenarios, video takes center stage.

Whether it’s the exhilarating thrill of white water rafting or the allure of a luxurious hotel suite, videos can encapsulate the essence in a manner words often can’t.

Industries that rely on the tangible experiences they offer—like adventure sports, hospitality, entertainment, or real estate—can benefit immensely from this medium. Primo’s perspective underscores this sentiment.

“Video is the closest thing they can get to the experience without being there,” she emphasizes.

create a marketing video small business

You Haven’t Made a Video for Your Business Already

In the dynamic landscape of modern marketing, not leveraging video content seems like an oversight. Beyond mere advertising, videos can forge a connection, build trust, and provide insight into a brand’s ethos.

For small businesses, they can be the window through which potential clients view their offerings. Primo believes in the harmonious integration of video and text to provide consumers a comprehensive understanding of a product or service.

The future, she suggests, will see an even tighter interplay between these mediums.

“You’ll see more and more video that refers you to text over time,” she envisions

Comparing Written Communication vs. Video Communication

While both written and video communications have their own merits, understanding their unique strengths can help businesses utilize them effectively.

AspectWritten CommunicationVideo Communication
Emotional ConnectLimited, depends on reader's interpretation.High, thanks to visuals, tone, and body language.
Speed of DisseminationFast, but may require reading time.Instant and more engaging for quick information.
Authenticity and TrustLacks body language and tone.Provides body language and eye contact.
VersatilityMostly static.Dynamic with movement and visual aids.
Reference & IntegrationCan be lengthy and dense.Can easily refer to texts and other materials.

create a marketing video small business

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  1. Video is essential. People are getting tired of articles and are looking for solutions to their problems in video form. This is the perfect time to join the crowd.

  2. This is also a time to build a Youtube channel. Although the rules are stricter, it is the perfect medium to get your content across.

  3. A well-written post highlighting how indispensable video marketing has become for small businesses, and has gained so much currency as a means of conveying your message or a vision, or even as a damage-control exercise in the context of your company or business.

    Sometimes, adding a description or content along with you video helps in better distribution of your video across various channels and even in reaching out to a wider audience.

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