12 Guests Who Seem to Show Up At Every Holiday Office Party (INFOGRAPHIC)

Types of People at the Office Holiday Party (INFOGRAPHIC)

‘Tis the season to be jolly — or not so jolly as the case may be if you’re stuck next to the notorious office joker at the Holiday staff party! If you’ve worked in an office, you’ll almost certainly be able to relate to the different personalities mapped out on GetVoip’s infographic, the colleagues who can make for uncomfortable moments at any office party.

The Bombastic Boss Who Loves Cracking Jokes

Yikes you’re sat next to the ‘big boss’ at this year’s festive meal! Bosses love to crack jokes, especially at festive parties! Be sure to laugh at the boss’s jokes, even though you may have heard them umpteen times. But whatever you do, refrain from gossiping, no matter how tempting it might be!

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The Anti-Social Office WorkerWho Likes to Disappear

As GetVoip’s infographic shrewdly highlights, there always seems to be a ‘hasty’ colleague at the office party who is keen to be somewhere else. Making the effort to chat and socialize with the ‘hasty’ colleague may help them be less inclined to want to be somewhere else.

The Drunk Colleague Who Can’t Say When

A holiday party wouldn’t be complete without at least one member of the staff having too much to drink. Help avoid making Monday morning even more awkward for the drunken colleague by not buying him or her another drink and politely telling them it’s time to call it a night!

The (Not So) Dynamic Dancer Who Wants to Cut a Rug

There’s always one colleague who turns into Mick Jagger — not — on the dancefloor at the office party! Avoid getting into an awkward dance with the overzealous dancer by steering well clear of him or her on the dancefloor!

The Photo Fanatic Who’s Camera is Cryptonite

At least one colleague will be poised with his or her camera at the ready during festive celebrations. Unless you don’t mind being plastered all over Facebook the next day with a party hat on, keep well clear of their camera!

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More office party tips from GetVoip include avoiding looking bored (even if you are), don’t be the ubiquitous drunken colleague by drinking responsibly and avoid flirting incessantly, even if you do have an office romance!

Other Types of People at the Office Holiday Party

Check out the other classic office party guests and festive party tips on GetVoip’s infographic.

Types of People at the Office Holiday Party (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Mysterious Newcomer Who Keeps to the Shadows

In every office, there’s that one new colleague who hasn’t fully integrated yet and prefers to observe rather than engage. The holiday staff party might just be their chance to step into the limelight, but don’t pressure them to come out of their shell. Strike up a casual conversation, share a funny anecdote, and make them feel welcome without overwhelming them. Who knows, you might uncover a hidden gem of a personality!

The Self-Proclaimed Karaoke King or Queen

Ah, the annual office holiday party wouldn’t be complete without the brave soul who seizes the microphone and becomes the self-proclaimed karaoke royalty of the night. Whether they hit the notes perfectly or turn every song into a comedic spectacle, this colleague adds a unique flavor to the festivities. Join in the fun by cheering them on, and if you’re feeling adventurous, grab the mic yourself and belt out a tune to share the spotlight!

The Networking Maven on a Mission

It’s the party, but this colleague treats it like a networking event. Armed with business cards and a well-rehearsed elevator pitch, they’re here to make connections. Engage in a genuine conversation and find common ground beyond work. You might just form a valuable professional connection while enjoying the festivities.

The Party Planner Extraordinaire

Every office has that one person who takes party planning to a whole new level. They’ve coordinated decorations, games, and even themed costumes. Embrace the enthusiasm and dive into the party with an open heart. Their dedication often leads to unforgettable moments and a sense of camaraderie.

The Uptight Perfectionist Unwinding (Sort Of)

This colleague usually exudes professionalism, but at the holiday party, they attempt to let their hair down. However, the uptight tendencies may still linger. Offer them a chance to relax by striking a conversation that doesn’t revolve around work. A lighthearted chat might just coax out their hidden sense of humor.

The Office Historian Spreading Nostalgia

Armed with stories from the company’s past, this colleague turns into a walking history book at the party. Instead of politely nodding off, show genuine interest in the anecdotes they share. You might gain insights into your workplace’s evolution and forge a deeper connection with your company’s roots.

The Foodie Connoisseur with a Critical Eye

The food and drinks might be the highlight for this colleague. With a discerning palate, they’re quick to offer opinions on the catering. Engage in a light-hearted discussion about your favorite dishes, and you might end up exchanging restaurant recommendations or even planning a future foodie outing.

The Secret Santa Gift-Giver Extraordinaire

Known for their thoughtfully chosen Secret Santa gifts, this colleague can bring warmth to the party. Strike up a conversation about gift ideas and traditions, and perhaps even exchange funny or heartwarming gift exchange stories from past years.

Embrace the Holiday Spirit

Remember, the office holiday party is a chance to unwind, celebrate, and build connections beyond the cubicles. Embrace the diversity of personalities and engage with your colleagues in a positive and open-minded way. Whether you’re mingling with the joker, sharing a dance with the overzealous dancer, or striking up a conversation with the mysterious newcomer, the party is an opportunity to strengthen workplace relationships and create lasting memories.

Holiday Office Party Guide: Making Merry Memories

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a memorable office holiday party? Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or diving into party planning for the first time, this comprehensive guide will help you create a festive and inclusive celebration that will be the talk of the office for years to come.

1. Introduction The Holiday Office Party: A Time for Unity and Joy

As the year draws to a close, the office holiday party provides the perfect opportunity for colleagues to come together, relax, and celebrate the achievements of the past year. This guide will walk you through each step of planning and executing a successful event that resonates with the spirit of the season.

2. Planning Ahead Setting the Stage for a Memorable Gathering

Selecting the right date, time, and venue is crucial. Consider the preferences of your colleagues and ensure the chosen date doesn’t clash with major holidays or vacation times. Forming a planning committee with representatives from various departments guarantees a well-rounded approach to planning and execution.

3. Themes and Decorations Deck the Halls with Creativity and Inclusivity

Inject the festive spirit into the atmosphere by choosing a theme that resonates with your team’s preferences. From classic winter wonderland to multicultural celebrations, explore themes that reflect the diversity of your workplace. Incorporate decorations that embrace different cultural traditions, creating an environment of inclusivity.

4. Invitations and Inclusions Extending a Warm Welcome to All

Craft invitations that capture the essence of the party while conveying inclusivity. Make sure to reach out to all team members and encourage them to attend. Emphasize that the party is an opportunity to connect, unwind, and celebrate as a unified team.

5. Festive Food and Drinks Savor the Flavors of the Season

Delight your colleagues’ taste buds with a diverse menu that caters to different dietary preferences. Incorporate holiday-themed cocktails and mocktails to set the tone for a festive evening. Collaborate with caterers who can create dishes that celebrate a variety of cultural influences.

6. Icebreakers and Team-Building Breaking Down Barriers and Building Bonds

Kick off the celebration with interactive icebreakers that encourage colleagues to mingle and connect beyond work roles. Introduce team-building activities that promote collaboration, problem-solving, and healthy competition. These activities set the stage for a lively and engaging party.

7. Entertainment Extravaganza Lights, Music, Action!

Elevate the party atmosphere by booking live entertainment such as bands, DJs, or performers that align with the theme. For an interactive touch, consider incorporating activities like photo booths, dance-offs, and themed contests that keep attendees engaged and entertained.

8. Dress Code and Attire Dressing the Part for Holiday Cheer

Encourage a holiday-themed dress code that adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. From ugly sweater extravaganzas to elegant black-tie affairs, inspire colleagues to get creative and show off their festive spirit through their attire.

9. Recognizing Achievements Honoring the Wins of the Year

Take time during the party to recognize and celebrate team achievements. Share successes and milestones from the past year, acknowledging the collective efforts that contributed to the company’s growth and progress.

10. Gifting and Exchange Spreading Joy Through Thoughtful Gifts

Add a touch of anticipation with a Secret Santa gift exchange or charitable giving initiative. Encourage colleagues to share thoughtful gifts that reflect the holiday spirit and show appreciation for one another.

11. Navigating Party Personalities A Celebration of Diversity

Embrace the diversity of personalities at the party by drawing inspiration from different party-goers. Encourage interactions and conversations among colleagues, helping everyone feel valued and included in the festivities.

12. Creating Lasting Memories Capturing Moments to Cherish

Set up designated photo areas to capture candid moments throughout the event. Consider introducing memory-making activities like video messages, time capsules, or collaborative art projects that leave attendees with lasting mementos.

13. Holiday Party Etiquette Fostering Professionalism Amidst Celebration

While the atmosphere is relaxed, remind attendees to maintain professionalism and respect. Encourage inclusivity, sensitivity toward diverse cultures, and responsible behavior throughout the event.

14. Volunteer Opportunities Spreading Goodwill Beyond the Party

Introduce a charitable element to the festivities by organizing volunteer opportunities or charity drives. Engage colleagues in giving back to the community and making a positive impact during the holiday season.

15. Reflecting on the Year Celebrating Progress and Gratitude

Take a moment to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments. Share gratitude for the collective efforts and set positive intentions for the upcoming year, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

16. Wrapping Up the Celebration Saying Goodbye with Appreciation

Conclude the event with a heartfelt thank-you to all attendees and express appreciation for their presence. Provide information for accessing party photos and offer details for any post-party engagement.

17. Post-Party Engagement Extending the Celebration Beyond the Event

Share captured memories through digital platforms and social media, fostering continued connections among colleagues. Encourage colleagues to stay engaged and maintain the festive spirit throughout the holiday season.

18. Feedback and Future Improvements Learning from the Experience

Gather feedback from attendees to gain insights into what worked well and areas for improvement. Utilize this feedback to enhance future holiday parties and ensure an even better experience next year.

19. Conclusion Bidding Adieu to a Successful Celebration

As the party wraps up, take a moment to reflect on the success of the event. The joy, connections, and memories created will contribute to a positive workplace culture and set the tone for a successful year ahead.

20. Images and Acknowledgments Visual Inspiration and Resources

A selection of images from various holiday parties and acknowledgments for resources and inspiration used throughout the planning process.

IntroductionExplains the significance of the office holiday party as an opportunity for colleagues to gather, relax, and celebrate the year's achievements.
Planning AheadGuides readers through selecting the ideal date, time, and venue. Highlights the importance of forming a diverse planning committee.
Themes and DecorationsEmphasizes the role of themes in creating a festive atmosphere. Discusses incorporating diverse cultural traditions into decorations.
Invitations and InclusionsDiscusses the creation of inclusive invitations and encourages participation from all team members.
Festive Food and DrinksHighlights the importance of a diverse menu that caters to various dietary preferences. Mentions the incorporation of holiday-themed cocktails and collaboration with caterers for cultural influences.

With this guide in hand, you’re well-equipped to host a holiday office party that leaves a lasting impression and strengthens the bonds among colleagues. Happy planning, and here’s to making merry memories together!

Images: GetVOIP

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