50 Beginner Ideas for Small Business YouTube Channels

50 YouTube Ideas for Beginners

For small business owners new to the platform, searching for “YouTube ideas for beginners small business” can be overwhelming. But worry not, even if you’re not a professional videographer, there are numerous engaging YouTube video ideas at your disposal.

Check out these 50 YouTube ideas specifically designed for beginners in the small business realm.

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YouTube Ideas for Beginners

Intro Videos

Every YouTube channel requires a compelling intro video that serves as a window into the essence of the content you’ll be presenting. It’s an opportunity to leave a first impression, so while you can opt to keep it concise, it’s vital to introduce yourself and your venture articulately.

This introduction should encapsulate the mission of your business and provide viewers with a tantalizing glimpse of what they can anticipate when they dive into your channel’s content.

Behind the Scenes Views

Audiences are increasingly craving authenticity and a genuine connection to the brands they engage with. Offering a behind-the-scenes look into your business satiates this desire.

Whether it’s showcasing a typical day, highlighting the processes, or simply offering a candid glimpse into the daily operations, these videos allow viewers to feel more connected and invested in your brand’s journey.

Team Introductions

Building trust and relatability is a cornerstone of successful brand engagement. What better way to humanize your business than by introducing the driving force behind it?

By offering team members the spotlight to introduce themselves or by conducting brief interviews, you allow viewers to forge a deeper bond, understanding the passions and personalities that fuel your business.

youtube ideas for beginners small businesses

Event Wrapups

Events, whether they’re trade shows, product launches, or community engagements, are pulsating hubs of activity and excitement.

Documenting these events and then crafting a concise video montage not only serves as a record but also lets those who couldn’t attend experience the energy and highlights. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your brand’s involvement and commitment to its field or community.

Weekly Business News

In our rapidly changing world, staying informed is more crucial than ever. For businesses keen on cementing themselves as industry leaders, initiating a weekly news segment is a smart move.

This not only positions your brand as a reliable information source but also ensures your clientele remains abreast of the latest developments and offerings from your end.

Weekly Industry News

While it’s essential to keep customers updated about one’s own business, providing insights into the broader industry landscape can set you apart.

Creating videos that touch upon significant industry news or trends demonstrates your brand’s commitment to staying updated and positions you as a knowledgeable entity in your field.


Vlogs, essentially video diaries, are a contemporary way to document and share snippets of daily life or specific events. They offer a more personal touch than traditional content, letting viewers feel like they’re part of your day-to-day journey.

For businesses, vlogs can be a versatile tool, chronicling anything from product creation processes to team-building activities, making the brand narrative more relatable.

youtube ideas for beginners small business


The digital age has ushered in a two-way communication street, and videos are a stellar platform for this. Q&A sessions, whether they involve grilling industry experts or answering questions posed by followers, offer an interactive way to engage.

These sessions not only address queries but also position you as a transparent and approachable entity in your industry.

Funny Product Ads

Bland ads are a thing of the past. Opt for a comedic twist when showcasing your product or service. Not only will a humorous ad captivate viewers, but it also significantly boosts the probability of your video gaining traction and going viral.

People love sharing laughter, and your ad could be their next favorite joke to share!

Fake Infomercials

Infomercials have a unique flair that’s instantly recognizable. Harness this format, but with an intentional comedic spin. Exaggerate features, be satirical, or employ unexpected twists.

By lampooning the typical infomercial style, you present your product in an entertaining light that leaves an indelible mark on viewers.

Product Demonstrations

While humor is a powerful tool, sometimes it’s best to let your product shine on its own merits, especially if it’s novel or intricate. Demonstrating its use, benefits, and unique features in a direct manner can resonate with audiences seeking clarity.

It’s the perfect avenue for products that “speak for themselves.”

Funny Facts About Your Business

Every business has a story, quirks and all. Transform these amusing or lesser-known tidbits into engaging content.

Whether it’s a funny origin story, a mishap that turned into a business lesson, or just peculiar trivia, sharing these moments humanizes your brand and gives viewers a good chuckle.

DIY Projects

The DIY culture has a strong foothold on platforms like YouTube. Marry this trend with your product offerings.

Whether it’s integrating your product into a quirky DIY project, a scrumptious recipe, or a crafty creation, showcasing its versatility in a hands-on manner can resonate with the DIY-loving demographic.

Tips Videos

Positioning oneself as an authority in a particular domain is invaluable. Create content that imparts wisdom, offering valuable tips or insights related to your industry. Such videos not only provide utility to viewers but also bolster your brand’s reputation as a knowledgeable leader in its field.

Explainer Videos

Complex topics can be daunting. But with the power of video, intricate subjects become digestible. If there’s a concept, innovation, or industry-specific challenge that’s causing confusion, craft an explainer video.

By breaking down the nitty-gritty and presenting it in an easily understandable format, you become the go-to source for clarity and information.

Surprising Opinions

In the vast sea of online content, it’s often the unexpected viewpoints that capture attention. Sharing an unconventional or surprising opinion on a pertinent topic can not only stir conversation but also position you as a thought leader.

This approach ensures your content stands out, urging viewers to lean in and engage in discourse.

Challenge Videos

Internet challenges are all the rage and have become an integral part of online culture. Engage with trending challenges like the mannequin challenge or the cinnamon challenge, showcasing your team’s playful side.

By participating, you not only demonstrate relevance but also humanize your brand by sharing lighter, fun moments.

Product Reviews

Authenticity is the currency of trust. If it aligns with your brand’s ethos, offer candid product reviews. Assess items that resonate with your audience’s interests. Through these reviews, you provide value, guiding them in their purchasing decisions and bolstering your brand’s credibility.

Office Tours

Every workspace has its unique charm and story. Offer your viewers an intimate glimpse of where the magic happens with an office tour.

This not only satiates their curiosity but also solidifies the connection, making them feel more connected to the people and processes behind your brand.

Product Unboxings

There’s an undeniable allure to unveiling something new. Capitalize on this sentiment by creating unboxing videos, especially if your products have intriguing packaging or are part of curated bundles. This tactile experience can amplify anticipation and excitement around your offerings.

How It’s Made Videos

Transparency fosters trust. By showcasing the manufacturing or crafting process of your product, you demystify its journey from conception to completion.

Such insights not only highlight the quality and craftsmanship involved but also offer a rich narrative that resonates with conscious consumers.

Case Studies

Narratives are powerful. Delve deep into the stories of your customers or clients, illustrating how your product or service transformed their situation. These case studies serve as tangible evidence of your brand’s impact, making your value proposition palpable and compelling.

Customer Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than satisfied customers. Facilitate a platform for your patrons to share their experiences and testimonials. Their genuine accounts serve as robust endorsements, assuring potential customers of the quality and reliability of your offerings.

Product Comparisons

Videos offer a dynamic and visually compelling way to juxtapose products. By comparing either your product with a competitor’s or evaluating two trending products, you provide valuable insights for your viewers.

This not only educates them but also positions your brand as a resourceful guide in their decision-making process.

youtube ideas for beginners small businesses

Business History

Narratives captivate, and every business has a tale to tell. By delving into your company’s inception, milestones, and evolution, you provide a rich backstory. Such videos foster a deeper connection, as viewers appreciate the journey, struggles, and triumphs that shaped your brand.

Milestone Celebrations

Achievements deserve recognition. Whether it’s commemorating a decade in business or celebrating an industry accolade, spotlighting these moments through videos not only boosts team morale but also showcases your brand’s perseverance and growth to the audience.

Cause Videos

Businesses today are about more than just profit; they’re about purpose. Highlight your company’s philanthropic endeavors and affiliations with causes close to its heart.

By sharing these initiatives, you evoke a sense of social responsibility and inspire viewers to partake in meaningful actions.

Special Offers

Drive urgency and excitement by announcing limited-time offers or promotions through videos. This dynamic medium amplifies the buzz around your special deals, enticing viewers to capitalize on the opportunities presented.

List Videos

Curated lists offer a concise snapshot of the best in any category. Whether it’s the top gadgets of the year or essential tools for a specific task, such compilations serve as informative quick guides, aiding viewers in their choices.

Favorites Videos

Sharing personal favorites offers a more intimate perspective. These insights, whether they relate to books, tools, or travel destinations, humanize your brand and foster a deeper bond, as viewers appreciate the personal touch.


Addressing recurring questions via videos is a proactive approach to customer service. Not only does it demonstrate that you’re attentive to their queries, but it also serves as an evergreen resource, streamlining communication in the future.

youtube ideas for beginners small business

Thank Yous

Gratitude resonates. In this digital age, a heartfelt video thank-you note stands out. By expressing appreciation, you cultivate goodwill and reinforce the sense of community among your followers.

Response Videos

Engaging in industry dialogues keeps your brand relevant. By crafting thoughtful response videos to trending topics or popular content in your niche, you position your brand as an active participant in larger conversations, sparking engagement and fostering dialogues.

Quick Skits

Entertainment and business can go hand in hand. By crafting brief, humorous skits around product launches or announcements, you infuse a lightheartedness that captures attention.

This approach not only showcases creativity but also fosters camaraderie among team members, making the content memorable.

Presentation Videos

There’s undeniable value in detailed and structured information. Creating video versions of presentations, akin to what one would find on platforms like PowerPoint, is especially vital for B2B brands.

It simplifies complex data, rendering it accessible and easily digestible for prospective clients or stakeholders.


Visual transformation can be mesmerizing. Whether it’s the assembly of a product, the evolution of a project, or the bustling activity in an office, timelapses compress lengthy processes into short, captivating clips, giving viewers a bird’s-eye view of development and change.

Routine Videos

Consistency and routine can be both comforting and instructive. Demonstrating daily rituals, whether it’s starting the workday or winding down, provides a window into the brand’s operational ethos, allowing audiences to relate to and emulate aspects they find appealing.

Tag Videos

Engaging with ongoing trends and challenges amplifies visibility. Participating in YouTube tag challenges or topics, even without an initial tag, allows you to tap into existing online conversations.

It showcases your brand’s ability to be both reactive and proactive, fostering a sense of communal participation.

Photo Slideshows

Sometimes, still images convey emotions better than moving visuals. Assembling poignant or relevant photographs into a slideshow, accompanied by music or narration, creates a montage of moments, memories, or milestones, evoking a powerful narrative without traditional video.

Contest Videos

Interactive campaigns foster engagement. By announcing contests via videos, you not only detail the rules and rewards but also incite enthusiasm. The visual medium makes the proposition tangible, urging viewers to participate actively.

Public Service Announcements

Information dissemination, especially for the common good, reinforces a brand’s societal commitment.

Crafting PSAs to share vital information or raise awareness about relevant issues positions your brand as conscientious and service-oriented, resonating with socially aware viewers.


A direct approach to tutorials, especially for digital products or platforms, screencasts offer a hands-on demonstration. By sharing your screen and guiding viewers through functionalities, you reduce complexities, making it easier for users to navigate and utilize your offerings.


Introducing a playful side to your brand can create unforgettable moments. Engaging in light-hearted prank videos showcases not just the fun-loving nature of your team but also humanizes your brand.

It’s a delightful way to engage viewers, making them feel connected to the jestful dynamics of your team.

youtube ideas for beginners small business


Perfection is not always relatable. Sharing a compilation of your video outtakes or bloopers gives followers a genuine insight into your brand’s behind-the-scenes. It’s a testament to your authenticity, reflecting that mistakes happen, and it’s okay to laugh them off.

Pet Introductions

The internet’s love affair with pets is undeniable. Introducing your pets not only offers a feel-good factor but also lets viewers see a personal side of you. Whether it’s a quirky cat or a playful pup, it creates a bridge of relatability between you and your audience.

youtube ideas for beginners pets

Holiday Greetings

Festive occasions are moments of joy and reflection. Crafting video greetings during holidays or significant events not only spreads cheer but also emphasizes your brand’s cultural sensitivity.

These videos resonate with the celebratory spirit of viewers, strengthening emotional connections.

Haul Videos

Showcasing recent acquisitions, be it from shopping sprees or industry events, provides viewers a curated insight. Haul videos, especially after trade shows, exhibit your brand’s proactive approach in staying updated and can also offer brief reviews or first impressions.

Lighthearted Rants

Expressing strong views on relevant subjects, when done in a non-confrontational manner, can be both engaging and informative. Lighthearted rants reflect your brand’s expertise and passion, allowing viewers to engage in a discourse and even share their own views.

Collaboration Videos

Collaborations are a testament to community building. Teaming up with other businesses or influencers to produce content not only diversifies your offerings but also taps into newer audiences. It’s a mutual growth strategy that emphasizes shared expertise and unity.

Viewer Ideas

Involving your audience in content creation fosters a sense of belonging. Actively seeking and implementing ideas from followers ensures your videos resonate with their preferences. This two-way communication enhances engagement and strengthens brand loyalty.

youtube ideas for beginners small businesses

Choosing the Right YouTube Video Idea

Navigating the world of YouTube content can be daunting, but categorizing your ideas can simplify the decision-making process. The table below offers a comparative glance at various video themes, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your channel’s vision.

CategoryVideo Ideas
IntroductionIntro Video, Small Business Spotlight, Business History
Business UpdatesWeekly Business News, Milestone Celebrations, Special Offers
Behind-the-ScenesBehind the Scenes Views, Office Tours, How It's Made Videos
EngagementQ&A’s, Viewer Ideas, Collaboration Videos
Humor & EntertainmentFunny Product Ads, Pranks, Bloopers
Information & EducationExplainer Videos, Tips Videos, DIY Projects
Personal ConnectionTeam Introductions, Pet Introductions, Thank Yous
Industry & NewsWeekly Industry News, Surprising Opinions, Response Videos
Tutorials & DemosProduct Demonstrations, Screencasts, DIY Projects
Special FormatsTimelapses, Tag Videos, Photo Slideshows

YouTube Ideas for Beginners Recap

For those considering diving into YouTube for their business, here’s a quick summary of diverse video content themes to inspire and kickstart your channel’s growth.

  • Intro Video: Set the stage by introducing your business and what viewers can anticipate.
  • Small Business Spotlight: Showcase noteworthy businesses.
  • Sell Your Business: Market your key business offerings and strengths.
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website: Direct viewers to your website.
  • Advertise Your Business Here: Highlight your brand.
  • Behind the Scenes Views: Provide a glimpse into your daily operations.
  • Team Introductions: Familiarize viewers with your team members.
  • Event Wrapups: Share highlights from business events.
  • Weekly Business News: Offer weekly updates about your business.
  • Weekly Industry News: Discuss current events in your industry.
  • Vlogs: Share daily life or business operations snippets.
  • Q&A’s: Host interviews or answer questions from followers.
  • Funny Product Ads: Inject humor into product advertisements.
  • Fake Infomercials: Satirical product demonstrations.
  • Product Demonstrations: Showcase how your product works.
  • Funny Facts About Your Business: Share amusing or lesser-known facts.
  • DIY Projects: Provide guides or tutorials related to your products.
  • Tips Videos: Share expertise on relevant subjects.
  • Explainer Videos: Clarify industry concepts.
  • Surprising Opinions: Voice unique or differing viewpoints.
  • Challenge Videos: Engage in trending challenges.
  • Product Reviews: Analyze products pertinent to your followers.
  • Office Tours: Show your workspace.
  • Product Unboxings: Reveal new products or uniquely packaged items.
  • How It’s Made Videos: Detail your product’s manufacturing process.
  • Case Studies: Showcase customer success stories.
  • Customer Testimonials: Let customers share their experiences.
  • Product Comparisons: Contrast and compare products.
  • Business History: Relay your business’s backstory.
  • Milestone Celebrations: Commemorate significant achievements.
  • Cause Videos: Advocate for charitable causes.
  • Special Offers: Announce promotions or deals.
  • List Videos: Rank items in a particular category.
  • Favorites Videos: Share top picks in a specific area.
  • FAQs: Address frequently asked questions.
  • Thank Yous: Express gratitude.
  • Response Videos: React to popular industry videos.
  • Quick Skits: Use humor for announcements.
  • Presentation Videos: Share informative presentations.
  • Timelapses: Offer sped-up views of activities.
  • Routine Videos: Depict daily routines.
  • Tag Videos: Participate in YouTube trends.
  • Photo Slideshows: Showcase photo collections.
  • Contest Videos: Promote customer-engaging contests.
  • Public Service Announcements: Share beneficial industry information.
  • Screencasts: Share screen views, particularly for software demos.
  • Pranks: Engage in lighthearted fun.
  • Bloopers: Share humorous outtakes.
  • Pet Introductions: Introduce pets to build personal connections.
  • Holiday Greetings: Celebrate significant holidays.
  • Haul Videos: Present recent acquisitions.
  • Lighthearted Rants: Share passionate opinions.
  • Collaboration Videos: Partner with other creators or businesses.
  • Viewer Ideas: Source content ideas from viewers


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