AT&T Internet Air: The New Wireless Solution for Small Business Owners


AT&T’s latest innovation, AT&T Internet Air, is looking to address consistent and reliable internet connectivity for small business owners. With the rapid evolution of technology, the demand for a seamless online presence is greater than ever. And for those in areas with limited broadband options, the quest for strong connectivity has been an ongoing challenge.

What is AT&T Internet Air?

Launched by AT&T, this is not your usual home Wi-Fi; it’s a fixed wireless home internet service. In layman’s terms, it’s home Wi-Fi delivered over AT&T’s robust wireless network. But what makes it truly stand out, especially for small business owners running operations from their homes, is its quick set-up time. In a market where time translates to money, AT&T promises its customers an up and running Wi-Fi connection in less than 15 minutes. Once set, users can expect a continuous, optimized, and secure connection.

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Addressing the Pain Points

Legacy internet options have long been a thorn for many users, especially in less densely populated areas. Erin Scarborough, Broadband and Connectivity Initiatives president at AT&T, shared that their team has prioritized identifying these customer pain points. Their solution: AT&T Internet Air. By leveraging available network capacity in less congested areas, they’ve created a connection that’s both reliable and robust.

AT&T has already introduced this service to its existing copper-based clients, receiving positive feedback. The company’s vision is clear: ensure that locations selected have the necessary wireless coverage and capacity. This ensures both an excellent in-home experience and the maintenance of quality wireless service for their mobile users.

User-Friendly Setup

Ease of use is essential for small business owners who often wear many hats. Upon receiving the AT&T Internet Air box, customers can scan a QR code to obtain a comprehensive step-by-step setup guide. Furthermore, the AT&T Smart Home Manager app simplifies the process, even offering a feature that assists in finding the home’s optimal connection spot. AT&T provides add-on Wi-Fi extenders for larger spaces to cover every corner.

And it’s not just about connectivity. AT&T understands the aesthetic needs of its users. The device boasts a sleek, modern design that complements any workspace.

Expanding Horizons

AT&T Internet Air is expanding its reach, complementing the company’s best-in-class AT&T Fiber. New locations include areas of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and many more, with the recent addition of Cleveland-Akron, Denver, Orlando/Gainesville, and Providence-New Bedford.

Straightforward Pricing

For small business owners, budgeting is critical. AT&T Internet Air comes with a clear pricing strategy: $55 a month (plus taxes), with no overage fees, equipment fees, or annual contract. And for added security while conducting business transactions online, AT&T includes ActiveArmorSM internet security. The service is also eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, providing financial relief to qualifying households.

In the digital age, where online presence is paramount for businesses, AT&T Internet Air offers a promising solution, especially for small business owners. With its straightforward setup, robust connection, and clear pricing, it’s a step forward in making reliable internet access universally available. As Erin Scarborough states, AT&T looks forward to “providing the best connectivity solutions to customers over the coming weeks and months.”

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