Commercial Snow Cone Machines: Options For Your Business

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Snow cones are an ideal icy treat for parties or for a hot day. They are cold, sweet, colorful, and easy to make with the right machine. If you are running a hotel, restaurant, outside catering, or café, you need a reliable commercial snow cone machine.

Snow cone machines operate more like shaved ice machines. The main difference is usually in the texture of the ice. Shaved ice machines produce fluffier ice while snow cones tend to have a rougher, more pebbly texture than soft ice shavings.

Enhancing Your Business with a Commercial Snow Cone Machine

When it comes to incorporating a snow cone machine into your business operations, it’s not just about making delicious icy treats. It’s about increasing footfall, delighting customers, and ensuring seamless operations. Here’s why choosing the right snow cone machine is critical for your venture:

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  • Customer Experience: No one likes waiting, especially when the sun is beating down. A high-capacity machine ensures your customers get their icy delights quickly, enhancing their overall experience. Consider how peak hours or special events can see a surge in demand. Can the machine handle it?
  • Operational Efficiency: Durability goes hand-in-hand with efficiency. Machines made of quality materials like stainless steel or durable plastic not only last longer but also require less maintenance. This reduces downtimes and ensures a smooth workflow, especially during peak hours.
  • Employee Training: An easy-to-use machine reduces the learning curve for your employees. The faster they can operate the machine, the more customers they can serve, leading to higher revenue.

Commercial Snow Cone Machines: Top Picks From Amazon

Top Pick: Paragon Port-A-Blast Snow Cone MachineRunner Up: VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blade Snow Cone MakerBest Value: VEVOR 110V Electric Snow Cone Maker
17 x 22 x 16 inches9" x 12"x 15.5"16.1x10.2x12.6 in
Capacity500 lbs per hour440 lbs per hour210 lbs per hour
ConstructionHeavy-duty aluminumized metalfood grade stainless steelABS+Al Alloy
Special FeatureSuited for high volume service, food grade certified
Safety water resistant on/off switch, aesthetic design
Extra large ice bowl, user friendly design

Paragon Port-A-Blast Snow Cone Machine

PARAGON Port-A-Blast SNO Cone Machine

Top Pick: We are yet to come across a snow cone machine that can match Paragon’s Port-a-Blast speed and power. This commercial-grade machine is made of heavy-duty aluminized metal, and it features a tough1/3-horsepower motor that’s capable of shaving more than 500 pounds of cube or chunk ice per hour. It has an easy-slide plastic ice tub approved for food safety by the NSF. This machine is made in the United States and is covered by a three-year warranty.

Paragon Port-A-Blast Snow Cone Machine

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VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blade Snow Cone Maker

VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine

Treat your customers to a wonderful snow cone or fancy cocktail using this electric dual blade snow cone maker that’s super simple to use. Simply plug in the machine, add ice cubes and press the handle. The dual blades team up with a powerful motor to produce 440 lbs. of ice per hour. Sturdy and built to last, this snow cone maker is sure to provide thrills in your business.

VIVOHOME Electric Dual Blades Snow Cone Maker

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VEVOR 110V Electric Snow Cone Maker

VEVOR 110V Electric Ice Shaver Crusher

Best Value: The VEVOR 110V snow cone maker is the perfect partner whenever you need snow cones in your restaurant, café, at parties, or any other occasion. It comes with a built-in 300W copper motor and stainless-steel blade that can crush 210 lbs. of ice per hour. The ergonomic handle with a non-skid sleeve facilitates an effortless operation.

VEVOR 110V Electric Snow Cone Maker

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ReunionG Snow Cone Machine

ReunionG Snow Cone Machine, Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

Boasting dual blades with 1400 runs per minute rotating speed, the ReunionG is a fast and highly efficient snow cone machine that can crush up to 440 lbs. of ice per hour. The high-quality stainless-steel body is easy to clean and maintain. It is also complemented with a transparent acrylic case housing that keeps the shaved ice cool and visible to your customers. It also features a water-resistant on/off switch and a drain hole for draining convenience.

ReunionG Snow Cone Machine

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Paragon Sno-cones Machine

Paragon - Manufactured Fun Cooler Snow Cone Machine

This Paragon snow cone machine comes equipped with a tough 1/3 horsepower that produces an impressive 500 lbs. of ice per hour. It also features a really unique snow cone-like design and an indestructible thick roto-cast polyethylene cabinet that provides outstanding durability. It also comes with wheels for smooth gliding and you can as well use the handle for easy transportation.

Paragon Sno-cones Machine

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VIVOHOME Snow Cone Maker

VIVOHOME 11 Inch Height Electric Dual Blades Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine

The VIVOHOME snow cone machine features a clean, elegant design, but it is also quite powerful. The 300W motor teams up with the sharp dual steel blades to provide softer, finer, and fluffier snow ice. This machine can crush up to 143 lbs. of ice per hour making it ideal for preparing slush, snow cones, cocktail, and frozen drinks in small restaurants, canteens, bars, and snack stands.

VIVOHOME Snow Cone Maker

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What to Look for When Buying Commercial Snow Cone Machine

Whether you are opening a new café or want to serve some delicious ice treats at your events or festivals, it is important that you find the best snow cone machine that’s able to keep up with large demand. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you buy a commercial snow cone machine.

  • Capacity: This isn’t an issue if you are looking for a snow cone machine for home use. However, for restaurants, café, canteens, events and festivals, you need a snow cone machine that can produce at least 100 pounds of ice per hour, keeping in mind that it takes about five ounces of ice to make a snow cone.
  • Durability: You need a machine that can keep up with consistent daily use. Some of the top-rated machines will use either stainless steel or tough plastic material.
  • Ease of Use: In a commercial establishment, you need a machine that is super easy to install, maintain, and operate. Anything less than this means that you will waste a lot of time on the operations and the costs will certainly add up in the end.
  • Style: Snow cone machines come in a variety of styles to suit your taste and preferences. Some come with a clear snow cone tank which is a good advertisement plan. They also come in a variety of colors with red, white, and blue being the most common colors.
  • Price: The prices will range from one brand to another. Paragon has some of the most expensive snow cone machines, but they are also among the most powerful and reliable snow cone machines that you can buy today.


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