Etsy Launches “Share & Save” to Reward Sellers for External Promotions

Etsy has rolled out “Etsy Share & Save” to recognize how sellers engage with buyers and how they’re rewarded for it. The goal is to encourage sellers to promote their Etsy stores outside of the platform, and in return, the company will reward them with lower fees.

Why “Share & Save”?

A significant number of Etsy sellers prioritize developing their brands and often share their shop details across personal marketing channels and social circles. Recognizing the pivotal role these sellers play in enhancing the Etsy brand, the company has designed the Share & Save program. With this, Etsy aims to reward its sellers for the extra mile they take in marketing, indirectly benefiting the entire Etsy ecosystem.

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Reduced Fees for Sellers

Here’s how the program works: Participating sellers will receive unique links to share outside Etsy to promote their products. If a buyer clicks on this link and makes a purchase from the seller’s shop, Etsy will discount 4% from the order total on the seller’s bill, effectively reducing their fees.

This system incentivizes sellers to promote their shop and offers them financial relief, a win-win scenario for the community.

Designed for All

Raina Moskowitz, the mind behind the announcement, emphasized that this initiative was crafted after intensive feedback and testing with the sellers. Etsy’s Share & Save is open to all, from seasoned sellers with massive sales volumes to novices just beginning their journey. Enrolling in the program is free, and the generated links are simple to integrate. Moreover, opting for Share & Save is entirely at the seller’s discretion. Sellers can visit the program’s dedicated page on Etsy for a detailed overview and sign-up procedures.

Empowering Sellers: Upcoming Workshops

Etsy will release a series of resources soon to ensure that sellers harness the maximum potential of Share & Save. These will encompass diverse strategies sellers can implement to market their shops effectively across different channels. As a kickstart, Moskowitz will be hosting an in-depth workshop centered around Share & Save on September 21, integrating it into Etsy’s Holiday Workshops. This session will unravel the program’s intricacies and demonstrate optimal ways to utilize it.

Looking Ahead

Etsy’s continuous endeavors to furnish its sellers with innovative tools and services reaffirm its commitment to fostering a thriving community. With the onset of the holiday season, it’s anticipated that the Etsy Share & Save initiative will boost seller businesses and enhance buyers’ shopping experience. The ripple effects of this initiative are eagerly awaited as sellers harness its potential to connect with an even broader audience.

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  1. I like this functionality and it encourages more purchase behavior through Etsy. Should be a win/win for small sellers. However, I do think that as sellers become more established they should have their own website where they can make sales, simply so they own the relationship.

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