Square Go Revolutionizes Booking Experience for Beauty and Personal Care Services


The digital payment giant Square has rolled out its innovative consumer booking application, Square Go, to transform how individuals connect with beauty and personal care professionals. By offering a streamlined booking experience, Square Go empowers consumers to easily find and schedule sessions with top-rated service providers in their locality.

Touted as one of the most expansive networks in the beauty industry, Square Go boasts access to over 250,000 professionals, delivering an impressive 2 million self-care services. This not only amplifies consumer convenience but also escalates the visibility of these professionals, thus bolstering their customer base.

Justin Lavalle, the proprietor of J Lava Salon in Winter Park, FL, lauded the app’s potential to widen clientele reach. “Square Go has helped me reach another level of clientele I didn’t know I could by increasing the visibility of my business, which also helps us financially,” Lavalle remarked.

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Consumer-Centric Features Steer Square Go’s Vision

  1. Hassle-Free Booking: Square Go allows users to search efficiently and book appointments based on preferences such as location, service type, and availability.
  2. Personalized Recommendations: The app intuitively proposes service providers by analyzing a consumer’s past booking patterns.
  3. Efficient Appointment Management: Through Square Go, consumers can manage their bookings by confirming, rescheduling, or even canceling appointments. This efficient management system has led to a striking 55% drop in missed appointments.
  4. Encouraging Repeat Business: The app encourages client loyalty by spotlighting past bookings and prompting for rebookings. An astounding 30% of users reportedly rebooked after receiving such a suggestion.

Square Go’s integration with Square Appointments, a platform that witnessed 10M bookings in June 2023 alone (a 15% YoY surge), ensures that consumer mobile-first preferences are met. Alyssa Henry, Square’s CEO, emphasized that the launch reaffirms Square’s commitment to “equipping businesses with powerful omnichannel tools” and that they envisage extending Square Go to more industries beyond beauty.

Seller Features Bolster Business Potential

Square Go does more than just offer a platform for businesses; it enhances their brand. The app constructs a professional business profile automatically, but sellers have the liberty to personalize it further. These profiles can feature photographs, staff directories, service details, social media links, and more.

A defining feature is the automated solicitation of client reviews post-appointment, ensuring transparency and fostering trust among potential clients. Plus, with a direct reflection of all bookings on a seller’s calendar, businesses can anticipate and adjust their staffing needs.

Square Go’s future updates sound promising. Soon, clients can opt for waitlists, get sophisticated business suggestions, and process payments in-app. Businesses can also anticipate advanced staff profiles.

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Currently exclusive to US iOS users, Square Go can be downloaded from the App Store and is available to Square Appointments’ beauty and personal care providers at no charge.

In the digital age, where time is of the essence, platforms like Square Go are a boon for both consumers seeking beauty and personal care services and the professionals offering them. Square Go is poised to redefine industry standards by melding convenience with efficiency.

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  1. What is the pricing structure for this app? It’s a great tool, but many of these businesses operate on pretty thin margins.

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