IRS to Hire Over 3,700 New Employees for Enhanced Compliance Efforts

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced its intentions to hire more than 3,700 new employees. This recruitment drive is part of a broader effort to improve the agency’s efficiency with a focus on enhanced compliance, particularly with large corporations and complex partnerships.

The IRS seeks to fill these compliance positions across 250 locations nationwide. The goal is to ensure fairness within the tax system and amplify tax enforcement, especially concerning high-income individuals, large corporations, partnerships, and promoters.

The agency’s hiring initiative will target revenue agents, specialized technical roles primarily tasked with audits. This move comes after the IRS’s previous hiring spree, emphasizing taxpayer service roles financed by the Inflation Reduction Act of August 2022.

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IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel expressed enthusiasm regarding the agency’s continued efforts at self-improvement. “Our first wave of hiring focused on taxpayer service positions to help improve our phone and in-person assistance. This next wave of hiring will help the IRS add key talent like tax accountants to help reverse a decade-long decline of audits for the wealthy as well as complex partnerships and corporations. These new employees will be focused on higher-income and complex tax areas like partnerships, not average taxpayers making less than $400,000.”

There is an active call for skilled professionals in the financial services domain to join the IRS, with roles available for tax accountants, auditors, controllers, treasurers, and forensic accountants. The IRS Human Capital Officer, Traci DiMartini, spoke highly of the prospects at the agency. “The IRS provides a competitive financial package for people with expertise in this high-demand area. For people with accounting and financial backgrounds, we encourage them to take a close look at the benefits of working for the IRS and serving our nation,” said DiMartini.

A Closer Look at the Revenue Agent Position

These roles, officially titled Internal Revenue Agents, cater to mid-career professionals possessing unique expertise and educational backgrounds. Positioned at the General Schedule GS-13 level within the federal civil service, these roles offer an annual salary averaging $125,000. Their responsibilities encompass scrutinizing intricate tax compliance subjects, often dealing with elaborate income tax returns from diverse entities, including expansive subsidiaries operating on a national or global scale.

Small Business Deals

The IRS emphasizes that professionals working within financial services often possess the qualifications they seek. The primary requirement is a curriculum encompassing at least 30 semester hours in accounting.

Why the IRS?

The IRS stands as a cornerstone in maintaining the nation’s financial health. With IRS employees ensuring that 96% of the country’s revenue is collected, their roles are crucial in sustaining crucial sectors like homeland security, national defense, and Social Security. They also contribute to maintaining and enhancing public utilities like parks, roads, bridges, libraries, and schools.

Besides a handsome average salary of around $125,000, the total compensation package, including benefits, amounts to approximately $175,000. These benefits cover childcare, parental leave, student loan repayment, commuting subsidies, and extensive healthcare and retirement benefits. The IRS also assures job stability, work-life balance, and multiple opportunities for professional development.

Prospective candidates can gain more insights into these roles by attending virtual information sessions offered by the IRS. They provide details about the positions, the benefits of working for the IRS, and guidance on the application process through USAJobs.

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