Xero Introduces the “Beautiful Business Fund” for Small Businesses Worldwide

Xero is setting the stage for a new chapter in business support with the launch of its “Xero Beautiful Business Fund” – a golden chance for small businesses worldwide to vie for a portion of an impressive NZ$750,000 in available funding.

This novel initiative is crafted to salute the spirit of small businesses, driving them towards success and catalyzing their growth journey. The catch? It’s open for Xero’s small business clientele from Australia, Canada (bar Quebec), New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the US, and the UK. The objective? Spotlighting businesses are hungry to escalate various facets of their enterprise.

The application process is seamless. Interested businesses merely need to present a captivating 90-second video pitch and fill out a brief form. They can throw their hat in the ring for multiple categories:

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  1. Innovating for Sustainability: Tailored for businesses itching to elevate their eco-friendly game. This can range from transitioning to green packaging, introducing energy-saving machinery, or even adopting carbon-neutral transport measures.
  2. Trailblazing with Technology: Perfect for those with a flair for innovation, possibly eyeing digitization or embracing state-of-the-art technologies.
  3. Strengthening Community Connection: Crafted for businesses or nonprofit entities eager to give back and make a tangible difference in their community through philanthropy or other impactful deeds.
  4. Upskilling for the Future: Suited for businesses intent on fortifying their skill set or that of their teams. This encompasses diverse training and professional development channels.

Xero’s spotlight is on future-aligned pitches, emphasizing how the fund would uplift their business trajectory.

Speaking on this game-changing venture, Xero CEO Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, commented, “Supporting and celebrating small businesses and their owners is at the core of Xero’s mission, and we’re energized by the opportunity to empower these companies and trailblazers with funding that can help them achieve the next level of success. We already know that so many of our customers embody Xero’s values, and we’re pleased to be awarding funds to help our customers in an area like sustainability or upskilling, where they may not have had the cash to do so.”

But how will winners emerge from this global contest? Here’s the roadmap: 28 regional victors will first be cherry-picked by local panels—one for each category across regions. These regional champions will then present their case before a global judging committee that will crown the ultimate winner in each of the four segments.

The distinguished global judging team comprises heavyweights from the realms of accounting, small business, and Xero’s global alliances. This includes luminaries like Laurie McCabe from SMB Group, Becca McClure of BDO Global, Jeanne Grosser from Stripe, John Hummelstad of Locatrix, and Xero’s very own Sukhinder Singh Cassidy and Nigel Piper.

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For small businesses, this is more than just a fund. It’s a ticket to future-ready growth, with a global platform cheering them on.

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