14 Mosaic Projects to Sell

mosaic projects

Mosaic projects offer a captivating blend of color, texture, and artistic expression. This unique art form involves assembling patterns on a surface using materials like glass, stone, or ceramic. In this guide, we’ll delve into some of the most appealing mosaic projects that you can craft at home and potentially sell for a profit.

What Is a Mosaic Project?

Mosaics have been a form of artistic expression for centuries, stemming from ancient cultures and evolving over time. A mosaic project involves using small pieces, often colored, of various materials to create a larger pattern or picture.

Common materials for DIY mosaics include broken glass, china, ceramics, and more. The charm of mosaics lies in their ability to turn seemingly ordinary or even discarded materials into pieces of art.

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With patience and creativity, you can transform simple materials into intricate designs. As a craft, mosaics can be applied to a myriad of objects, both functional and decorative, and the finished products often find keen buyers appreciative of such handcrafted art.

mosaic projects

What Do You Need for a DIY Mosaic Project?

The basics for a DIY mosaic project include:

  • A surface or base to put together the pattern, ensure that it can handle the weight of your decoration
  • Decoration materials, known as tesserae for mosaic, including small pieces of broken china, sea glass, glass, tiles, broken mason jar pieces, or any other materials
  • A marker to sketch out your design on the chosen surface
  • Adhesive to glue down the pieces onto your design. The adhesive type will vary based on the surface you decide to decorate, so make sure to do your research before selecting the adhesive.
  • Grout to fill the spaces in between the mosaic materials
  • Sealant to protect your final product as the finishing touch

Top Mosaic Projects to Make and Sell

There are many wonderful ideas for mosaics that you can make and sell. Mosaics are always a welcome addition to community crafts, and you can make creative indoor and outdoor decorative pieces using DIY mosaics.

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mosaic projects

1. Coffee table design

A mosaic coffee table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a conversation starter. Such tables become the focal point of any living room, exuding character and a bespoke touch.

By integrating materials like broken mason jar glass or vibrantly colored tiles, you can infuse each table with a distinctive charm. The light reflecting off the mosaic pieces can give the table an enchanting luminescence, especially under ambient lighting.

2. Christmas ornaments

Mosaic Christmas ornaments are dazzling additions to festive decors. Their reflective surfaces can play with light beautifully, making the tree or any space they’re placed in come alive.

These ornaments, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, can become family heirlooms, passed down through generations, symbolizing memories of holidays past and hopes for future celebrations.

3. Mosaic frames

Picture frames encapsulate cherished moments, and when adorned with mosaics, they elevate the memory they hold.

From shimmering pieces of sea glass that bring forth the memory of a day at the beach to seashells echoing the music of the ocean, mosaic frames can be a beautiful blend of art and sentiment. They can be customized to match room themes or to resonate with the picture they hold.

4. Stepping stones

Mosaic stepping stones are more than just functional elements of a garden. Each stone can be a canvas depicting a scene, pattern, or even a message. Walking on a pathway lined with these mosaics feels like walking through an art gallery.

With resilience against weather conditions, these stepping stones are durable, and the mosaics ensure they remain eye-catching throughout the seasons.

mosaic projects

5. Flower pots made from broken china

Flower pots decorated with mosaic patterns made from broken china not only breathe new life into discarded pieces but also present a blend of tradition and creativity.

The floral designs on the china combined with its glossy finish can produce a stunning effect, making these pots a centerpiece of any garden or balcony. Each fragment tells a story, and when they come together, they narrate a tale of transformation and rebirth.

6. Planters

Mosaic-adorned planters blend the beauty of nature with artistic craftsmanship. Whether it’s a sprawling garden space or a cozy indoor corner, mosaic planters provide an aesthetic uplift. They shimmer under the sun and twinkle under indoor lights.

Using natural materials like rocks and seashells in your mosaic pattern not only complements the plants but also instills a touch of nature’s artistry.

7. Fun wall art

Wall hangings are more than decor; they’re statements. With mosaic wall art, you can craft captivating visuals or messages, catching the eyes of anyone entering the room. Materials like broken CDs can refract light, creating a disco-ball effect that adds dynamism to the room.

Meanwhile, glass and seashells can add depth and texture, ensuring the art piece is both visually and tactilely engaging.

CD projects

8. Glass door design

Mosaics on doors blend functionality with artistry. They offer homeowners a unique way to imbue personality into an otherwise standard feature of their home.

Whether it’s for the playful beach house vibe or a more subdued elegant look using stained glass, mosaic door designs are an impressive way to greet visitors. Furthermore, with the sun shining through, these doors can project enchanting colored patterns on the floors, adding another layer of decor.

9. Vases

Mosaic vases are the epitome of turning something ordinary into extraordinary. A simple vase can be transformed into an exquisite piece of decor with the addition of mosaic patterns.

Whether it’s a striking centerpiece on a dining table or a subtle addition to a bookshelf, a mosaic vase can house flowers and also stand as an art piece in its own right.

The reflection of water inside the vase, combined with the mosaic’s shimmer, can provide a dazzling effect, making it a desirable item for many homes.

10. Coasters

Mosaic coasters aren’t just protective barriers for your tabletops; they are mini canvases that tell a story. Whether you’re repurposing shimmering pieces of CDs and DVDs or fragments of vintage china, each coaster becomes a reflection of its creator’s ingenuity.

When a guest picks up their drink, they’re not just lifting a beverage; they’re engaging with a piece of handcrafted art. Sea glass, especially, gives coasters a beachy vibe, making every sip feel like a seaside escape.

11. Garden decorations

Gardens are a sanctuary for many, a place of peace and beauty. Introducing mosaic garden decorations further enhances this allure. Each mosaic rock or decorative piece can capture sunlight, reflecting it in a myriad of colors and becoming an eye-catching focal point.

Moreover, mosaic pieces blend harmoniously with the natural setting, adding vibrancy without overpowering nature’s beauty. They stand as testament to the blend of man-made and natural aesthetics.

great mosaic project

12. Mosaic trays

Mosaic trays are where functionality meets sophistication. A serving tray doesn’t have to be mundane; with mosaics, it can be the highlight of any table setting.

Imagine serving breakfast in bed on a tray adorned with intricate patterns or holding a tea party where the tray receives as many compliments as the pastries. Each piece of material, whether it’s glass, china, or stone, adds to the narrative of the tray, making serving an experience.

13. Furniture items

Incorporating mosaics into furniture like chairs or stools can breathe new life into old items, transforming them from mere functional pieces to conversation starters. A stool with a mosaic seat can become the favorite spot in the house, not just for its comfort, but for its unique design.

An old chair can get a fresh lease on life, its backrest adorned with shimmering mosaics telling tales of rejuvenation.

14. Wind chimes

Mosaic wind chimes offer a symphony for both the eyes and ears. As the wind plays its tune on the chimes, the mosaic pieces dance, reflecting light in a playful dance. Such wind chimes become an embodiment of nature’s music, combined with human craftsmanship.

Hanging from a porch or patio, they not only provide a gentle, melodious background sound but also serve as a testament to the harmonious blend of art and nature.

Mosaic, in all its forms, offers endless possibilities. Whether it’s a coaster, tray, or a piece of furniture, the beauty lies in the details and the stories those details tell.

making a mosaic

A Quick Glance at Mosaic Projects

For those of you eager to get started but unsure which project to embark on, we’ve compiled a comparison table above. It lists popular mosaic projects, the primary materials used, and suggested platforms where they might sell best. This table aims to give you a concise overview and perhaps spark the inspiration you need!

Mosaic ProjectPrimary MaterialsSuggested Selling Platform
Flower potsBroken chinaEtsy, Craft fairs
Christmas ornamentsGlassEtsy, Local boutiques
Mosaic framesStones, sea glassEtsy, Home decor boutiques
Stepping stonesPremixed concreteGarden stores, Craft fairs
Coffee tableMason jar glass, tilesFurniture stores, Etsy
PlantersRocks, seashellsEtsy, Garden stores
Wall artSeashells, CDsEtsy, Art boutiques
Glass door designGlass stonesCustom orders, Home decor boutiques
VasesGlass, chinaEtsy, Local boutiques
CoastersDVDs, sea glassEtsy, Craft fairs
Garden decorationsRocksGarden stores, Craft fairs
Mosaic traysGlass, tilesEtsy, Home decor boutiques
Furniture itemsTiles, glassFurniture stores, Etsy
Wind chimesGlass, metalEtsy, Garden stores

Where Can You Sell DIY Mosaic Projects?

Selling DIY mosaic projects is all about reaching the right audience, those who appreciate handcrafted art and the intricacy of mosaic designs.

  • Craft Fairs: These are hotspots for handmade items. Craft enthusiasts visit these events specifically looking for unique and artistic creations. It’s an excellent place to showcase your mosaics and interact directly with potential buyers.
  • Thrift Stores: Some thrift stores are open to selling handcrafted items. This can be a way to introduce your work to an audience that values unique finds at affordable prices.
  • Local Home Decor Boutiques: Partnering with a boutique can get your work in front of a dedicated clientele who appreciate home decor. It also offers the advantage of positioning your mosaics alongside other complementing decor items.
  • Online Platforms: Websites like Etsy, ArtFire, and Handmade at Amazon cater specifically to handcrafted items. They have vast user bases, making it easy for artists to reach a broader, global audience.
  • Social Media: Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are visually driven and can be useful for showcasing your mosaic art. Build a following, engage with your audience, and even make direct sales through these platforms.
  • Local Art and Craft Workshops: Conducting workshops can be a way not just to sell but also to teach your craft, thus expanding your reach and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Consignment Shops: These shops can showcase your work, and you’ll pay them a percentage only when your item sells. It’s a low-risk way of making your mosaics available to a wider audience.

mosaic project

How Do You Price a Mosaic Project?

Pricing mosaic artwork can be a bit intricate, as it involves several factors:

  • Material Costs: This is straightforward. Total up the cost of all the materials you used, from the mosaic pieces to the adhesive, grout, sealant, and any backing material or frame.
  • Labor: Decide on an hourly rate for your work, then multiply it by the number of hours you spent on the project. This ensures you’re compensated fairly for your time and expertise.
  • Overhead: Factor in other indirect costs, such as studio rental, utilities, or any equipment maintenance.
  • Profit Margin: As with any business, you’ll want to make a profit. Decide on a percentage (commonly 20% to 50% for art pieces) and add that to your costs.
  • Market Research: Before finalizing a price, research similar mosaic pieces available in the market. This will give you a sense of the going rate and help ensure your prices are competitive.
  • Perceived Value: Mosaic art can have an emotional or sentimental value to buyers. If your work has a unique story, theme, or inspiration, it might justify a higher price.

Remember, pricing isn’t static. As you build a reputation and demand for your work grows, you can adjust your prices accordingly.

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