Read This Before Selling to a Private Equity Firm

Most small business owners have the dream of selling their company. Sometimes they are able to sell it to their competitors. Other times private equity firms buy a majority of their company and invests money to grow it more instead of a 100% sale. This gives the former small business owner “another bite at the apple” to sell their minority percentage share when the company is much bigger.

selling to a private equity firm

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I discussed this with Jason Hendren who the author of “Things I Wish I Knew Before I Sold to Private Equity”. He is a sought-after CEO coach, speaker, and exit-planning advisor. Jason is an award-winning entrepreneur and has extensive expertise as a buyer and seller of businesses.

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Here are the key discussion points from our interview:

  • In the early stages of running a business, how start-up owners can preserve capital and avoid the time-consuming practice of raising money from outside investors.
  • How to properly plan for a financial exit of your small business.
  • How owners can align their interests with their employees’ interests when selling their business so everyone can prosper.
  • Why it’s time to improve the valuation of your company well before the sale process starts.
  • What advisors you’ll need when planning to sell your business. (You will need more than one!)
  • What type of deal you should strike with a private equity firm.
  • How to maximize your return after you sell a majority of your company to a private equity firm.

Listen to the entire interview with Jason on The Small Business Radio Show.

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