Snap Teams Up with Microsoft Advertising to Boost Small Business Reach


Snap Inc. announced its partnership with Microsoft Advertising with the goal of enhancing conversational AI for users and visibility for businesses. The collaboration aims to embed Sponsored Links within Snap’s AI-powered chatbot, ‘My AI.’ This significant development could give small business owners a fresh and direct route to engage with a large audience.

Introduced earlier this April, My AI has already experienced rapid adoption, serving more than 750 million Snapchatters globally. The chatbot has impressively processed over 10 billion messages, evidencing its position as one of the most popular consumer chatbots in the market. With over 150 million individuals engaging with My AI, the tool has become an essential platform for users to receive recommendations and cultivate their interests in diverse sectors, including food, beauty, shopping, and more.

The recent testing of Sponsored Links in My AI was an initial attempt by Snap to deliver pertinent content to its users, bridging them with specific partners. With the involvement of Microsoft Advertising, these Sponsored Links are now being amplified. Microsoft Advertising’s novel Ads for Chat API will be the engine behind these Sponsored Links. This functionality links the Snap community with partners tailored to their discussions and offers businesses a unique opportunity. As potential customers converse about relevant topics, businesses can present themselves precisely when users exhibit potential interest.

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For small business owners, this is a golden ticket. Microsoft Advertising’s clientele in the U.S. and selected global markets now have the chance to engage with millions of Snapchatters directly. By seamlessly presenting links that align with ongoing conversations in My AI, small businesses can make their presence known in a non-intrusive, contextually relevant manner. Such pinpointed advertising could significantly enhance click-through rates and overall engagement.

Despite the enormous potential, both Snap and Microsoft Advertising approach this partnership with a balanced, thoughtful perspective. The companies recognize the nascent stage of this integration and emphasize their commitment to designing user-centric, beneficial experiences. The ongoing experimental phase ensures that the My AI environment remains authentic and helpful to the Snap community. In parallel, both entities are collaborating diligently with a broad spectrum of partners, aiming to refine and optimize My AI’s capabilities for users and businesses in the forthcoming months.

For small business owners, this evolving landscape of conversational AI underlines a critical trend – the increasing intersection of everyday communication with business opportunities. As platforms like Snap’s My AI intertwine with giants like Microsoft Advertising, businesses, particularly smaller ones, should remain attuned to these shifts. Capitalizing on such integrations could be the next frontier in effectively reaching and resonating with audiences.

In an age where consumers are inundated with advertisements, these smart, timely, and contextually apt engagements could set a business apart. As this partnership between Snap and Microsoft Advertising unfolds, the future seems promising for small businesses seeking to leave a mark in the digital age.

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